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  • What are you playing?

    Well, I went and did it. I got an Xbox Series S. Happened to see they were available on Amazon and decided to pick one up. This will be my bridge into the next gen games until I can make the true leap with a year? Who knows. This is going to be a Game Pass machine though for sure. Supposed to be here on Sunday! Can't wait!

    Also, minor nit pick but how is it 2021 and you still have to get batteries for the controller?? I know you can get the plug and play thing which I am totally doing but how is that not just built in like the PS controllers have been doing forever?
  • Ted Lasso

    July 23rd
  • WinterFalcon Spoiler Thread

    I thought it was great overall. I feel like they didn't really do a great job of conveying exactly what Karli and the Flag Smashers wanted or what the GRC wanted/was trying to prevent. Allegedly there was a decent chunk of that plot that was changed because it involved chemical weapons and because of Covid, they didn't want that on screen. I don't know. And Sam giving her the honor of flying her out and being all respectful while his actual friend (as far as he knows) Sharon is bleeding from a gunshot wound felt odd too. You met this girl for like 10 minutes.

    John Walker showing up halfway through with no one calling him out or not really getting his reaction to Sam as Cap now was kind of a bummer. They showed a head nod between the two but that was about it. I guess Bucky knew he was there to help but them running around together with no discussion felt off. And I feel like for people who do not know about US Agent, this dude seemingly gets a happy ending. He's dancing around like an idiot thinking "He's back!" not knowing he's about to become a tool for the higher powers I guess is slightly tragic but I can see folks thinking this guy got a good ending after his disgrace last week.

    I both like and dislike the new Cap suit. Sam always cut such a slim figure and this new costume seems so bulky and puffy, not really a fan of everytime they showed him in silhouette. However, the fact that Sam is now wearing the suit, is huge and I love that! Also, some of his moves were badass. Him taking out the helicopter pilot and the lady in the back taking over was cool and the moment he was fighting Karli and when she kicked him backwards and the wings shot out into the ground to brace him was cool as hell!

    The stuff with Isaiah was great too. That actor killed it. The hug in the museum was great and definitely got me a little misty.

    I also feel like the scene with the old Asian man and Bucky was slightly disappointing. I feel like they kinda rushed through it. Like Sam, I braced my wings in the ground and prepared for the emotional roundhouse and it was....meh.

    Overall though, great show. As Ryan mentioned earlier, Marvel got me to care about two more characters that I really didn't, just like in Wandavision. Both of these shows are wayyyyy better than previous Marvel shows. Although I did like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. These felt like they were on an entirely different level.
  • An odd Hypothetical...

    Pete Campbell is the Glass Joe. (Just found this the other day and it is perfect  )
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    I had high hopes for Wonder Woman as the first one was the rare DC movie that didn't suck. (STILL haven't watched Birds of Prey right but will soon) WW1984 was....okay. Gal Gadot I think makes a good Wonder Woman but I just didn't connect with her at all in this movie. There were a lot of goofy, I guess plot points but not really...action moments that didn't make sense when you thought about them for more than two seconds. No spoilers here but they are in the White House at one point and she stops Steve from using a gun on the Secret Service because it's not their fault. She then proceeds to beat the tar out of all of these guys which is fine because that's not murder. Literally goes to the next room and the villain is there fighting police officers (no guns either) and WW goes out of her way to make sure they aren't slammed to the wall or hurt in any way I guess cause the bad guy was doing it? She was just doing it herself thirty seconds ago.

    Pedro Pascal was good. Kristen Wiig was great until the last ten minutes of the movie but I don't think that was necessarily her fault. Chris Pine was fine. I thought most of the action and effects were decent but definitely not top notch at certain moments but it's the thing that most comic book movies still struggle with when you have a hero that essentially flies around so much. Hard to get that to look real and natural.

    I didn't have a bad time watching it. Just not nearly the movie the first one was at all.