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  • Lost (spoilers)

    Lost-related: Just watched a season 3 episode of The Good Place. It started with a man getting out of bed, playing a Mama Cass song and going about his morning routine, all the while the camera conspicuously not showing his face. This isn't the first time TGP has tipped the hat to Lost; it's nice to see people still remember.  
  • Looking for shows and films that have crossovers or shared universes

    Hatorian said:
    If you mean 911 like cop shows and you don’t care for cheesy tv drama there’s a series called Chicago that has fire, police, something else. There’s at least 3 shows. I haven’t watched it but it’s the universe thing you are looking for....I think. 
    The Chicago shows cross over with Law & Order SVU at least once per season so they are in the vast L&O universe, which some have said also contains The Wire, Homicide, and the X-Files, because Richard Belzer's character Munch has appeared in all of those. 
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  • How can I track my own device

    anyone who can be found out using a simple reverse image search needs to try a little harder
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Now this is funny: This "reporter" hangs out with Nazis and doxxes their victims for them. He got his due over the weekend: And yes, I am 100% in favor of violence against Nazis & their enablers (who are also Nazis.) Fascists respect nothing except force.
  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    So what's the expectation, that the team would have stopped trying to score? Are you serious? Why would you want them to do any less than play their hearts out? If they're not supposed to get 13 goals, maybe Thailand could have done a better job keeping them out of the box. This isn't little league, where there's a slaughter rule to protect young egos; it's the literal biggest stage in the world for this sport. If Thailand can't handle getting humiliated they shouldn't be there.