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  • Looking for shows and films that have crossovers or shared universes

    Hatorian said:
    If you mean 911 like cop shows and you don’t care for cheesy tv drama there’s a series called Chicago that has fire, police, something else. There’s at least 3 shows. I haven’t watched it but it’s the universe thing you are looking for....I think. 
    The Chicago shows cross over with Law & Order SVU at least once per season so they are in the vast L&O universe, which some have said also contains The Wire, Homicide, and the X-Files, because Richard Belzer's character Munch has appeared in all of those. 
    HatorianFreddyken hale
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix - early reviews

    I don't put much stock in RT; a single numeric value doesn't encapsulate the value of a movie. Instead there are a few critics I pay attention to--youtubers, film twitter, podcasts. I know which of them shares my taste and can tell if I'm going to like something after I hear enough reviews. That being said, every single person I pay attention to says this move is dogshit and it breaks my heart. I wanted this to be Fox's grand sendoff & have the X-Universe go out in a blaze of glory but alas...
  • Who's done?

    I'm also going to make the bold prediction that we're done with Bran. We might see him again and he might have a few lines, but the 3-Eyed Raven/warging/Night King stuff is all done. 
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  • Career advice

    It's a great time to be looking for short-term work; the 2020 census is right around the corner and they're hiring now. I did it back in 2010 and the pay was great. It doesn't last long but maybe that's a good thing if you're not sure of your next steps. 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Dee said:
    So what’s happening here? Is he panicking that the shit’s about to hit the fan so he is hurriedly doing all the stuff he promised Russia in case he gets impeached, or is he just doing his usual “doesn’t give a fuck and doesn’t really know what he’s doing” crap? 
    My take is that Putin knows trump is officially fucked so he's calling in all his chips--sanctions, syria, etc.