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  • Lindelof answers Leftovers question in honor of Heroes Day

    Frankly, it was better than what I expected, haha. Plus, it kind of reminds me of the Hodors of Hodormere video Bald Move did a while back.
  • The Americans season 4

    @Dee It was Who By Fire by Leonard Cohen. I think it's probably 70s though, but I'm not sure.

    @Drew Yeah, you just know that shit won't get really real until the very end. I don't know that I like Philip's son becoming an endgame player. But I definitely don't like that they pointlessly shoehorned him in for the finale.

    @dochielomn I don't know if Matthew looks that much older than Paige... but he's so creepy. Just saying. I would not kiss that boy for a million dollars.
  • Watched Bloodline season 2? What did you think?

    @treerocks Yes, I understand his point as well, I just don't personally agree with it. But there are so many ways to view this, based on your own family experiences.
    I am caught up to episode 7 now, and I'm overwhelmed. I thought it was ironic that Kevin, who is an addict and most out of control nailed his police interview while Meg, the most "together" one messed it up by way overreacting. When Diana found out about the murder and asked John who elso knows and he said nobody, that was a real hard hit for me. I mean, man... why lie to her even then?

    A facepalm is when you bury your face in your palm, or slap your own forehead, because you think someone is being really stupid. You can do it with one or two hands. The advanced version is called *headdesk* I think you can figure that one out :)

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  • Orphan Black Season 4

    I haven't seen the new episode yet as I wasn't even aware it was coming back, but I'll check it out soon.
    Frankly @Drew I'm not entirely sure that you're not me, maybe I sleepwalk and come to the forums under an alias and then can't remember, because you're just in every. single. thread. for every show that I watch :P Just in case you're a real person I'd like to compliment you on your excellent taste in television, haha.
  • The Americans season 4

    Put the glanders vial in Pastor Tim's cabin while he's in there and lock the door. Problem(s) solved!