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  • SPOILER: What's Up with Ron? Carl's Eye (Theory)

    I don't know if they'll do it, but with the amount of zombie make-up and prosthetics this show has to do, surely masking one more eye wouldn't be a problem. Or they could just slap an eyepatch on it, like the governor did. Or he could simply grow out his emo hair a little longer.
  • 206 - "Lens"

    @Cory Do goats count as pets? :D Virgil seemed to have a cage of birds.

    And what happened to the little boy Matt left with John?
  • Leftovers season 2 episode titles

    I tried to do some research on ep 8 called International Assassin. I doubt it will be about an actual assassin, but google turned up only three things: one is an upcoming Kevin James comedy called The True Memoirs of an International Assassin. The second one is a 1976 Hong Kong action movie. The third one is the name of a collaboration between Japan's top bong making glass artists. I don't know, each one seems more unlikely than the other two :D
  • 503 - "Mommy"

    They're not VAMPIRES, how can you be so insensitive of Murphy's creative vision!

    ...Bullshit, they are absolutely vampires.
    Wait, what? Did he actually say they're not vampires? I just watch this show casually, I don't like it enough to read about it ha. If this is true that's the stupidest thing I've heard in a while.

    Okay, I just googled it and he really said that. They're not vampires because they don't have fangs or capes? Seriously? When was the last time this dude saw a vampire movie, the 70's?
  • 202 - "Before the Law"

    Hmm, yeah, I looked at it again and there are a few pieces, but mostly it looks like pretty lean meat. My grandparents used to have pigs so I witnessed many a butchering and processing, and when you mix meat, skin, and fat, it will not look like this. Adding bones would make it a lot whiter, I think. What I really don't want to know what he does with the head, surely that can't go in the grinder?! Especially with all the hair.

    I have a horrible feeling they will actually sell the meat to people.