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  • War of the Worlds

    Watched the first season and really enjoyed it. It's what I had hoped Falling Skies would be. Basically, an adult version of an alien invasion. I like that this has real stakes. It's a little slow at times, but I think all of the characters are realistic and have good arcs.

    I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes apocalypse scenarios. Looking forward to seeing what season 2 has in store for us.

  • MLB 2021

    Giovanni said:
    Let's go Yanks! Baseball is back, yay!
    It’s been far too long (57 years) since the Yankees and Cardinals (the two most successful franchises is MLB) have met in the World Series. 

    Here’s to hoping that changes in 2021.*

    *with the Cardinals winning in 6.
    St. Louis is on my list to visit one day. One of the most historic franchises, much respect. Best luck this season! 
  • March Madness Bracket

    Chinaski said:
    my bracket stinks haha. @Giovanni is crushing it, him and his robot friend.
    Haha, well the auto one shouldn’t count for me. That's just the ESPN prediction model, so kind of an indicator for us if you can beat the AI. However, I see my regular bracket is doing well too! Let's see how long that can last... :)
  • March Madness Bracket

    Thanks for creating this! I put an entry in, and also added an auto generated BPI bracket. Curious to see if the computer does better than me. :)

    I agree, the NCAA was so much better when players stayed for 3-4 years. I was young, but remember some great games between Jordan, Ewing, etc. Too bad they won't pay their players their market value, maybe players would actually stick around rather than trying to go to the NBA right away. 
  • Are my BM Texas folks okay?

    Freddy said:
    The aftermath of this is going to be rather interesting. Our mayor just posted a graphic showing that our municipal electric company paid more in the last 4 days than it did in the last two years combined, and that's with most people just flat out not even getting any of that power for any meaningful amount of time.

    So what exactly happened here? Did the electric companies jack up the price 3000%?