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  • MLB 2020

    Good luck to everyone who has a team in the playoffs! I'm really enjoying the extra teams and extra games. I know some people don't think it's very fair, but i thought the last day of the season was way more exciting than normal. 

    Hoping the good Yankees show up tonight. :D
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    cdrive said:
    I don’t know how many here with young children have maybe had to have one tested, but be prepared with the upcoming flu and cold season. It’s really really rough to have to sort of gently but forcibly assist two nurses in basically hazmat gear in a hospital drive-thru perform the test on someone as young as 8. 

    Glad everyone is okay! We've had my kid tested twice now and both times it was a nightmare. Both times she acted like she had seen cthulhu and wanted to get as far away as possible. The crazy part about it is, every single time your kids get a cold, sniffle, whatever, they're going to have to get tested in order to go back to school/daycare/etc. It's going to be a real long year. 
  • Raised By Wolves - Episode 3 only (spoilers)

    MoonMan13 said:
    I think the Mithraists created the Necromancers, so all Marcus's knowledge is as an Atheist fighting them.  The Mithraists know them as their own product...
    Ok, I watched through ep3 but I still must have missed it. Is it spelled out? Or am I not connecting the dots? I suppose there is a tech capability argument to be made, and the design seems more the mithraist's style, but for whatever reason I just bought mother as all-in on the atheists. 
    It's definitely spelled out in a scene, though I don't quite remember where either. Something along the lines, "How did they get a necromancer?! They don't have that kind of technology. They must have re-programmed it, but that's never been done before..." If anyone remembers the exact place let us know. Perhaps it's not that clear and I read into it more than I should have. 

    My guess is the founder Campion (not the boy) reprogrammed Mother. I would assume he was an athiest, but who knows at this point. 
  • Raised By Wolves - Episode 2 only (spoilers)

    One thing that kinda bugs me- they show Lamia style androids fighting the war in the flashback - so why are the Mithraic explorers so dismissive of her?  And why are there no tactics for fighting her on the planet or in the Ark?  That force won the war, right?  How?
    I think this is explained in episode 3. My inference is that the atheists had the inferior technology. This is why Marcus knows how to react against a necromancer, because he actually fought them as an atheist on earth. 

    Also, it was assumed she was an older model service Android by their cleric. I don't think they had any idea she was a necromancer until it was too late.

    The Ark is mainly for the rich and wealthy, with probably with a few military officers thrown in. These aren't exactly the boots on the ground type of soldiers that know how to get things done. 

  • Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Show Premiere Episode 1 only (spoilers) HBOMAX

    Thanks for bringing this show up! Binged through all three episodes and really enjoyed it.

     I thought the acting by Father and Mother was fantastic. It must be hard to balance the line of trying to act like a robot yet still care deeply for your children. I've particularly enjoyed Father trying to do the right thing for Campion even if it meant failing their mission. I felt incredibly bad for Campion when Mother decommissioned Father. As the parent of young children I felt the same horror that cdrive described. 

     This is the type of show I never knew I wanted so badly. I hope they deliver.