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  • Protests Across the America ;

    You know what makes me sick? These were the same people who claimed there was lawlessness and looting and that american cities would be unsafe if Biden became president. They're the same people swinging sticks and dragging police through the capital. Double standards eh?
  • Board game I remember A.ron talking about before

    Michelle said:
    Giovanni said:
    Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola
    That's what it was.
    Thanks! Happens to be one of my favorite games. :) There is a great app for it too if you prefer playing digitally. 
  • His Dark Materials - Season 2

    Looking forward to it! 
  • MLB 2020

    Cory said:
    Giovanni said:
    So, I'm somewhat satisfied that the Rays are beating up on Houston, but at the same point I hate the Rays. So double edged sword, at least one team I hate will play in the World Series. 

    Curious why you hate the Rays.
    I'm a Yankees fan, and they have been a lot of hostility between the two teams the last few years. The Rays have pitched up and in to a lot of Yankees over the years, including hitting many near the head. There was the whole, "Thats for you bitch" ejection of Sabathia a few years ago. after he defended his teammates. They've been real assholes about the whole thing and continue to do it. That's why Chapman threw at Brossauo in the regular season.

  • Protests Across the America

    There is very likely a storm coming, and we are not ready for it.  Our leadership seems wholly incapable of deescalation.  The pot is at a low simmer and heading straight for a full on rolling boil.  If this pot is allowed to boil over, it will be infinitely worse than the shutdowns and toilet paper shortages of April/May.  

    I urge all of my fellow BM family, especially in major cities, to have a plan in place.  Pack a "go" bag.  Food/water, first aid, clothes, flashlights, batteries, etc.  Store up plenty of water.  Maybe reconsider your stance on gun ownership.  (If you do, learn how to use it safely!  Go to a range and put a few hundred rounds through it once or twice a month.  Know how to treat it, use it, and clean it.)  Find some friends/family that live in a more rural area that would be willing to let you hunker down if it comes to it.  

    Maybe this whole thing can turn around and not pop off, but it's looking less and less likely.  If it does, there will be people trying to help, and people trying to take advantage of the chaos.  Remember, luck favors the prepared.
    You make some good points, but I hate to say it I think you're overreacting. The last thing we need is for more people to go out and buy guns. Yes, it's important to be able to defend yourself if necessary, but if anything we should be pushing for better gun control. As someone who lives in an urban area very close to where protests and looting have taken place, at no point have I felt it necessary to have a gun on me or in my home. 

    I agree with you about being prepared, but don't think everyone needs to arm themselves. More people die from suicide by gun or gun accidents then do from crime. 

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