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  • 805 - The Bells

    Dany has always had an issue with impulse control.I see a lot of people saying, “why would she burn the city? She already won.” Earlier in this same episode she told Jon that she had experienced no love at all since she arrived in Westeros and then basically gets friend zoned by one of the few people who does love her. So she literally said, “Fear,then” and “mercy will not be our weakness anymore.” All that said, in her victory moment staring at the red keep and hearing the bells ringing for “mercy” she’s probably re-playing all the shit she’s been through since arriving in Westeros. All the times she chose “mercy” and lost her own people. And in this moment she must decide again between mercy or fear and obviously she decides fear. She has always been entitled and in her mind probably already sees anyone who stayed loyal to Cersei by even staying in King’s Landing, an enemy. And what does she doe to enemies? Dracarys
    Your making this into a black or white issue. She doesn't need to kill an entire city (including her army) to instill fear into her enemies. She could have done a hundred other things that were a little less extreme. She could have flown up to the Red Keep and roasted Cersei and all the people inside there. She could have executed everyone who stood against her after the battle. There are plenty of ways she could inspired fear without going bat shit crazy villian. Why did she go crazy? Cause the show runners need her too, but for me they didn't do enough to earn it.

    The same way I didn't think Sansa withholding information from Jon in Battle of the Bastards was earned. There are plenty of other examples of them needing the plot to go in a certain direction but not making it believable. 
  • Laptop advice?

    Michelle said:
    I inherited my mom's old laptop.  It has Windows 8, and not a lot of memory.  I'd like to upgrade the memory and also upgrade to Windows 10.  Should I upgrade the memory first?  If I do that, then upgrade Windows, will I need to re-install the memory upgrade?  I'm so clueless when it comes to this stuff.   If anyone can please offer some advice, I'd appreciate any and all - thanks in advance!
    Once the memory is installed it will still be installed if you upgrade to Windows 10. Both of the upgrades are independent of each other. So, you can do each in whatever order you prefer. Ask more questions if you have them. 
  • US Election

    I remember being in my early 20's and trying to vote. I was working the day of a presidential election and a co-worker and I were talking about going to vote. So we punch out for our lunch break and go to the nearest voting center. When we go in we get told we need to be registered and can only vote where we live. Turned away and bummed out we head back to work having wasted our lunch/dinner break and not getting to vote in that election. 

    Coming from an uneducated and poor family no one had ever told me about registering to vote. It's crazy how they made sure I was registered for the selective service in case I needed to go fight in a war, but no one ever bothered to tell me how to vote for our country's leaders. 

    You learn things as you educate yourself, and one is: the poor and uneducated are consistently taken advantage of in America. 
  • Petty grievances

    Chinaski said:
    bank sent me a new debt card out of the blue because my old one 'may have been part of a data compromise'. now i hafta update all my online payment info for the bills i pay online. i'm annoyed :#
    This is a good tool to check for breaches:

    Always a bummer when you find out you may have been compromised. :(
  • 210 - The Passenger

    I can definitely understand why some people didn’t like this season. I personally enjoyed it, and have very few nitpicks. I was able to follow along most of the season and I’m a bit surprised so many people found things hard to follow. My wife was pretty confused by the timelines, but it made sense to me. 

    Was it as good as season one? No, but it was still very entertaining. The Delos and Akecheta episodes were highlights for me, and certainly would have liked more like that. They left off at a pretty good point and there is a lot they can do with next season. I’m all in. 

    Hope me some of you that were disappointed decide to give it another try.