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  • What are you binging right now?

    Suspicion (Apple TV) - new British crime/terrorism drama.  Completely ridiculous almost from the start.  I hope Elizabeth Henstridge can elevate the material as she did Agents of Shield. 

    Life on Mars - 2006 UK show.  Speaking of ridiculous premises, how about a police officer in "the present" is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973, where he is also a police officer?  Despite that, the show has good episodic plot lines and is fun to watch.  Wish it had subs on Amazon Prime because it can be hard to hear, let alone understand, the period dialog. 

  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    jluzania said:
    In the Mood for Love - I'm not sure I've ever wanted two characters to have an affair more than the two leads in this film. Yowza. Also, a nice look at 60s Hong Kong that I've never personally encountered up until now.
    Check out the deleted scenes/making of; the movie started off very different in tone.  Days of Being Wild also has a good period look but the bulk of the movie is people being mean to each other, one of my least favorite “genres” so only a partial recommendation.  2046 has some period scenes; I warmed to the film on my second watch.
  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    Dee said:
    Honestly, as someone who watches A LOT of the UK crime dramas that Mare of Winningham was clearly cribbing from, it was not great. It was just fine. [...] but would anyone give a shit if it was the exact same show, only British and with Nicola Walker, Anne Reid and Darren Boyd? 
    Me, me, but mainly because of Nicola Walker and the fact that I've about run out of British crime dramas which don't involve serial killers or crimes against children.

    At this point, I think my reasons for liking Mare were for being a reasonable American attempt at this style of crime drama and The Watch coverage as those two guys grew up nearby and could add local knowledge to their deep dive on the show.

    As far as J&A goes, still think they're missing a trick by not trying an ad-supported Watch-like show but they know their business better than I do.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    jluzania said:

    Hero - I'm brushing up on some Tony Leung recommendations before I get to Shang-Chi. [...] And though my history with martial arts films is admittedly limited, the Jet Li vs. Donnie Yen fight is incredible, making both artists looks like they're almost moving in fast forward. I loved it.
    Many martial arts films make use of undercranking https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Undercrank

    My favorite films of his are Chinese Odyssey 2002, Chungking Express, Eagle Shooting Heroes, and Hard Boiled.

  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    If you want loving coverage of Succession by two longtime guy friends, I highly doubt you'll find better than The Watch podcast.

    In fact, I wonder if J&A have taken a hard look at The Watch.  Not for covering Succession, but for being an ad-supported podcast where the hosts talk about whatever they're watching that week.  Some shows such as Succession get in-depth coverage and others just cursory discussion.

    (WRT Succession, it's clear from listening to The Watch that it has very clever, funny writing and is very popular.  Like some folks here, I don't care to watch a show about the mostly incompetent rich being mean to each other.  Also, loved the world building in The Leftovers s1 but the other seasons didn't work for me.  If everyone liked the same things, shows would be a lot less diverse.)