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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Those Who Wish Me Dead This was good, tough film, up there with the best of Taylor Sheridan's work* (though in this case based on a book by Michael Koryta). Don't let the trailer fool you into thinking it's about firefighting.  After the garbage of Without Remorse it was delight to watch this thriller unfold.

    * Hell or High Water, Sicario: Day of the Soldado

  • Ted Lasso

    Chinaski said:
    i really wanted to watch this but last i heard it wasn't available in the US. is it available now?
    Three seasons on Amazon.  And just like Ted Lasso, an episode had them talking about the sound some words make.

  • British crime shows (split from Mare of Easttown)

    If you're enjoying Mare of Easttown (influenced by British crime shows) or just looking to try something different, the UK offers a wide variety of police/crime/mystery shows.  I'll mention some good/bad (personal preference) ones I've seen; hopefully others will chime in.

    Babylon - amazing dialogue

    The Bay - a police officer and mother tries to keep her household together while solving crime.  I found the second series stronger than the first.

    Broadchurch seasons 1-2 - great interplay between the two detectives investigating murders

    Death in Paradise seasons 1-6, 10 - (Mostly) lighthearted series about a fish out of water UK detective sent to a Caribbean island where he solves crimes.  May be problematic for some viewers (white male detective in charge of black officers).

    Foyle's War - crime doesn't stop just because there's a War on.

    Gangs of London - heard great things about this but haven't seen it yet.  Clips on YT indicate the action is amazing.

    Grace - only one episode out but strong so far

    Line of Duty - internal affairs investigating police corruption.  Gets more unbelievable with each new series (like a lot of British crime shows) but has strong material/scenes

    Luther - serious (gory) crimes

    Marcella - while completely unbelievable, Anna Friel keeps the show interesting as a policewoman with a mental disorder

    Prime Suspect - tough policewoman makes her way in a male-dominated force.  I found it good until the drug dealer? episode where the quality nosedived.

    Sherlock - Holmes and Watson in modern times.  I found the show uneven but still entertaining.

    Unforgotten - two detectives investigate cold cases.  I find the stories pretty meh but the two leads elevate the material

    Vexed - comedy

    Death in Paradise seasons 7-8 - boring detective

    Life of Crime - notable mostly for Haley Atwell as the star

    Prime Suspect: Tennison - attempted reboot of classic series

    Wild Bill - US police chief moves to UK to becomes a chief constable.  Dull except for some interesting characters

    Death in Paradise season 9 - show writers badly misjudged the humor this season

    Broadchurch season 3 - not just the victim was hit in the back of the head this season, the writers were as well

    DeecdriveTeresa from Concord
  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    I thought the title was fun, like the HK police movie Infernal Affairs.

    The Still Watching podcast mentioned this show is borrowing some common British crime show tropes (Looks to me like "policewoman deals with personal/family issues while solving crimes" and "everyone in this small town has secrets"), so if you like this there's a bunch more like it to watch.  Certainly when I heard Mare say she was a Detective Sergeant it felt like a deliberate nod.

    So far I am not thrilled with the show (I'm a huge fan of some British crime shows but not so much the everyone has secrets subgenre) but will watch to the end to see how well the formula works in the US.

    If you enjoy the show but haven't tried British crime shows, there's a lot you may enjoy, have fun finding ones you like!
  • What are you binging right now?

    With the other characters, they get their time to shine or be evil, but IMO Hulk's danger is touched on repeatedly, from the meeting in the shack with Black Widow, the special containment module, Loki's plan, Hulk and the Black Widow being under the wreckage together, in dialogue with Stark, etc.  The fact that at any moment he could "get angry" is ever present in the film in a way the nature of other characters isn't.