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  • Ted Lasso

    Dee said:
    I think the phone thing is a fakeout. It seems too obvious for this show. 
    The “Football is Life” podcast speculated it’s Coach Beard as he’s the most likely to quote Rilke.
    DeeTeresa from ConcordMichelle
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Someone recommended the new Suicide Squad movie so I had to do a little catch-up watching:

    Suicide Squad (original) - Definitely not aimed at me with its particular aesthetic (The Joker set my teeth on edge every time he's on screen) but I could see what they were going for.  Otherwise impressed with Cara Delevingne's and Margot Robbie's performances and the melted metal effect of the witch's brother's powers.  Not a great movie but enjoyable enough.

    Birds of Prey blah blah - There's just something fun about female-led action movies; HK used to make them but these days they're quite rare.  Again, not really for me but I enjoyed Robbie's performance, the other ladies kicking butt as well, and the movie well enough.

    Suicide Squad (2021) - Visually stunning but I thought Harley was poorly used here. She's a lot more talkative and verbally funny in the first two. Those previous films, while understandably not everyone's cup of tea (including mine) also had an energy/forward momentum this film seemed to lack, perhaps because often everything had to pause for a moment so we could appreciate the special effects. Movies should move; in a few years the SFX will look dated so filmmakers should not serve them up as the main course. I enjoyed watching it but not as much as the other two films. 

  • Which of the upcoming shows/completed shows do you want A ron and Jim to cover indefinitely?

    Ted Lasso is very much a put your brain in the freezer to "enjoy" kinda show and I don't really want them to talk about it
    I'm not an Audiologist but the cool thing is you don't have to listen or you could just listen to the Loudermilk part. 

    Do you really want to deny the rest of the Bald Move audience the chance to hear them marvel/be agast at how Ted and Sam help people?  Nate and Ben's antics?  Keeley and Claire's self actualization?  Coach Beard and Ed's hints at former activities? 

    In the unlikely situation they actually make the podcast, if you see it in your feed, just be a goldfish.
    HatorianTeresa from ConcordChinaskiDee
  • Ted Lasso

    If you create a Loudermilk thread I'll participate a bit.  Good luck finding it but https://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/drunkard.html is very different but also good take on alcoholism/addiction.


  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    Real bummer how dismissive A. Ron has been of the whole thing but there were ultimately a handful of other great podcasts to make up for it.
    If I had to guess he'll give Mare a second try before he gives FTWD a second try.

    Speaking of great podcasts covering it, The Watch had an episode about the final Mare episode and then another episode with a second interview with Kate Winslet, who it turns out listened to The Watch coverage after her first interview with them on an early (first?) episode of their coverage.  Speaks well of their coverage (not to take away from any other podcast coverage) that she asked to go back on.