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  • Mindhunter season 2

    I was happy they seemed to make everyone else primary this season. Ford is almost my least favorite character.  In terms of BTK it's wild they introduced him at the end of season one and it made me feel like season two would be all BTK. But he's still out there at the end and most of the time was spent elsewhere.
    Ford just seems like a generic, poorly-adjusted whiz kid compared to Tench, who always seems THIS CLOSE to collapse or going on his own rampage.

    The show is planned for three more seasons; covering BTK may involve some changes in the show's format.
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  • Jessica Jones Season 3

    While not as good as season one, it was much improved over season two. 

    Season three is interesting for having a bunch of threats/grey characters instead of one big bad.  After Captain Marvel, the main bad _guy_ here seems kind of a familiar type the entertainment industry is using against female heroes, the emotionally manipulative guy who wants to keep the heroine down by convincing her that her powers aren't "fair".

    But the real reason to watch season three is Trish's journey now that she has powers.  There's a fun training montage near the beginning; I won't spoil the rest of her arc but superhero fans should find a lot to like in her development over the season as she struggles with some of the core issues of being a crime fighter.

    Unlike most Netflix Marvel shows I thought they did a good job with pacing for once, though this season had a number of plots and some of them were less compelling than others.
  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Sorry if someone else said it, but as far as Euron knows, Tyrion could have found out about Cersei's pregnancy from Qyburn.

    What I want to see in Episode 5:

    Arya and the Hound spend most of the episode trying to find good roast chicken.

    Tyrion smuggles Drogon into the Red Keep through the sewers.
  • Throw those zombie suggestions at me!

    The Girl with All the Gifts
    Daylight's End
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    The Dead
    The Rezort
    Here Alone
    Cargo (short and film remake)
    Contracted/Contracted Phase 2
    State of Emergency

    Range 15
    Aaah! Zombies!!
    Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
    Life after Beth
    Night of the Living Deb
    Dead Set
    The Santa Clarita Diet (s2 is esp. good)
    I am Hero

  • Daryl's backstory episode, written by Angela Kang: "Still"

    It got completely overshadowed by "The Grove" a few episodes later, but "Still" is worth a (re)watch as Daryl takes center stage in TWD going forward.  A problem with the episode is Beth is written to do dumb things, so try to compartmentalize that and don't let it detract from the rest of the episode.  We get to hear about Daryl's home life and what he did before the ZA.