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  • I forgot the walking dead exists

    Travis said:
    But guys, to pretend to be a zombie is to pretend to be something slow and deadly that people want to kill. I mean, I get that people take them for granted in this phase of existence (and the effort to save bullets angle and what not, all of that), but they still want to kill them. This is a ridiculous strategy. It’s true that I should watch before passing judgment, but that trailer was totally dumb.
    Living people are thin on the ground; it's much more likely one will encounter zombies instead.  Walking with the dead lets one go places without other living people and get otherwise inaccessible supplies.

    Personally I wish the show would do a slow burn with the Whisperers, showing how they live differently in the ZA, then resume the swift pace of the comics.

  • Kingdom - Korean zombies, Bae Doona (Netflix, January)

    Netflix’s Kingdom trailer brings zombies to medieval Korea

    The streaming service has already picked the show up for a second season

    "The series is set just after the death of a king in Korea’s Joseon period, which lasted from about 1400 to 1900. Shortly after his death a mysterious plague causes the king and a horde of others to rise from their grave bringing a wave of undead-terror to the country. The series will follow the crown prince as he attempts to survive the sudden outbreak."

    Official trailer:
  • 908 - Evolution (Fan Edition) - Spoilers

    It's sad to see Jesus go but I can understand why his character wasn't much used. When you have a character who can take on 3x the amount of foes using fancy moves that a normal character can...you need 3x the amount of stunt people and a halfway decent fight choreographer, none of which AMC wants to pay for. Train too many characters in martial arts and every fight scene looks like it's out of a Hong Kong action, not any kind of horror, movie.
  • 905 - What Comes After

    Michelle said:
    Gimple just confirmed that this is the end of Rick Grimes on TWD.  But it's not the end of his story,  They're creating AMC feature films and his continuing story will be part of the AMC feature films.  But he won't be back on TWD.
    I think AMC should make a movie.  It should star Jon Bernthal and be called Deputy Shane Walsh and the First Nine Days of The Walking Dead.

  • TV Recomendations

    I hadn't put any thought into a projector. I'll have to read that article and take a look, thanks.
    I have an earlier Benq short throw projector than the one mentioned in the article and really like it.  DVDs and standard Blu-rays look great to my non-expert eyes; even 3D works well.  Besides 4K, the only gotcha I've found is projectors don't like power fluctuations, so if you get one I would put it on a UPS.