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  • Mare of Easttown SPOILERS

    I thought the title was fun, like the HK police movie Infernal Affairs.

    The Still Watching podcast mentioned this show is borrowing some common British crime show tropes (Looks to me like "policewoman deals with personal/family issues while solving crimes" and "everyone in this small town has secrets"), so if you like this there's a bunch more like it to watch.  Certainly when I heard Mare say she was a Detective Sergeant it felt like a deliberate nod.

    So far I am not thrilled with the show (I'm a huge fan of some British crime shows but not so much the everyone has secrets subgenre) but will watch to the end to see how well the formula works in the US.

    If you enjoy the show but haven't tried British crime shows, there's a lot you may enjoy, have fun finding ones you like!
  • What are you binging right now?

    With the other characters, they get their time to shine or be evil, but IMO Hulk's danger is touched on repeatedly, from the meeting in the shack with Black Widow, the special containment module, Loki's plan, Hulk and the Black Widow being under the wreckage together, in dialogue with Stark, etc.  The fact that at any moment he could "get angry" is ever present in the film in a way the nature of other characters isn't.

  • The Walking Dead is actually ending...but wait, more spin-offs.

    With these extended seasons and spin-offs, what is everyone's thoughts about the potential movies? I mean, the Daryl and Carol roadshow could be what potentially kicks off the movies. But assuming that is not the case, would you rather just have Rick return to the series or proceed with the movies according to plan?  

    I'd rather have Rick stick to the movies.  The show's been fine without him, Andrew Lincoln presumably left the show for valid reasons, and if the movies are sufficiently disappointing perhaps Gimple will move on from AMC/TWD.
  • TV Execs, Writers Grapple With COVID-19 Era Scripts

    TV Execs, Writers Grapple With COVID-19 Era Scripts: "We're Not Going to Be Able to Shoot It, So Don't Write It"

    Interesting deep dive into the impact COVID-19 may have on shows.  So in addition to a dearth of shows, there might be a period where shows are distinctly people sparse and CGI-heavy.

  • DEVS

    jluzania said:
    [...] you're telling me no one would try and focus and stop themselves from doing what they see themselves do two seconds in the future just to see if they could? [...]

    [...] If I understand it right, doesn't it predict the future/show the past of our universe by using the future/past of however many other universes and compiling enough of them until it can display what is essentially a carbon copy of our universe? [...]

    I've only watched each episode once but my understanding is that the version we saw is a universe among many where the group wasn't able to stop themselves from performing the same actions.  We didn't see what happened in any other universe.

    I don't think the show has explained how/why which universe to show is selected. ETA: there's a whole other show possible where they go mine alternate universes for all the music written by various songwriters when they formed slightly/very different bands, find scientific/medical breakthrough discoveries, etc. etc.