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  • Expanse Season 5 (Show only spoilers!)

    This sucks, BUT at the very least they seem like they will be able to give us an ending to the The Expanse as a tv show.  The absolute worst thing would have been they just cancel it right here and now, and most executives do, so that's something at least.  And from what I understand, if you are going to end it early, doing so at book 6 is the best you can hope for.

    Still, fuck Cas Anvar, and I hope they don't even try to recast, just make the character done and dusted or something.  Also, I still don't understand Bezos letting this not come to a full conclusion.  The dude absolutely adores the series.  Is he so adverse to bank rolling the rest even at a loss that he'll let one of his favorite series go out like this?  I suppose the answer is yes, and now more than ever, I don't understand these rich people with more money than god.  What the fuck is the point if you can't spend it on things you want?  Eat them, I say, eat them all! <span>:smile:</span>
  • Expanse Season 4 All Episode Spoilers

    I gotta say, as much as I loved this season, not having full coverage has been a damned mega bummer.  Some of the stuff that happens this season would have been amazing to hear A.Ron break down and theorize episode by episode.

    Amazon, thanks for bringing it back, but damnit!  Just damnit...
  • Expanse Season 4 All Episode Spoilers

    I don't know if Miller really is gone or not, as I'm not doing book spoilers, but if so, I will miss the investigator angle and what it brought to the show.  And well, I assume there is still a lot to investigate?  I wish there was just a bit more touched on for the future with the protomolecule and big ball of black hole plot, but since the show isn't ending, I'm really curious to how they come back into play.  Ultimately, I loved everything about this season.  The acting was incredible and the productions values...MAN they knocked almost all of it out of the park.  

    For now, I'll miss Miller, and am still shocked that "The Investigator" plot is, so far at least, over, but the actor playing Marco was fantastic and the war to come is going to be insane.  Can't wait till next season!
  • 410 - Gone

    I also want to mention that I really like Darlene and Dom as characters.  And I even like the idea of them together.  But in every way this felt like the sitcom-shadow of something more real.  I felt like I was watching, ahem, robots, on screen trying to present something that should have been more present episodes if not years ago.  I never expected to feel full-on apathy about an episode of a season that I have REALLY liked.  I feel like Esmail trolled me...
  • Save the Expanse - Bald Move edition

    Well, that's a bummer.  The selfish part of me wishes the boys could just watch the episodes like any other television show and do it like they used to, but that is, indeed, selfish of me.  This podcast has been my favorite since Leftovers ended, so it's hard to see it go, especially since it seems like the show will be released this way going forward.  I do wonder what the numbers would be like this season considering the show will probably have a much bigger audience.  

    Oh well.  I'll have to take a look at the alternatives here and see if any can hook me.