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  • 308 - The Book of Nora

    I'm sure this was probably mentioned elsewhere, but I can't believe it just dawned on me that Kevin's mirror universe from episode 7 was like a fantastical version of the mirror Earth that Nora described in her story.

    God damn you Lindelof, you beautiful bastard! 
  • 305 - Chicanery

    I think everyone on the production team can admit now that the reason they gave Chuck his "disorder" was so they could eventually have an excuse to turn out the lights and give us one of the moodiest courtroom scenes on television. 
  • 304 - G'Day Melbourne

    The repeated use of the A-Ha song "Take on Me"...everyone remember the video?  I think (and by that I mean I'm practically certain!) that we're being told something about the nature of the departures - the dual worlds depicted in the video, people being drawn in and out of the different realities etc.  The fact that the song is played a few times (2? 3?) in an episode where Kevin is in a hotel room in Australia talking to his TV (and later, there's a fire in that hotel room too) and Nora is on a quest to go wherever the departures went...I don't think that it's coincidental!

    So what the show is saying is that all the departed people have been transported to a 2D pencil sketch world...  
    And they said they'd never answer that question...pfft! :P
  • 610 - "The Winds of Winter" - SPOILERS FOR DAYS THREAD!

    For those of you who are gamers and have been playing Overwatch, this is hillarious. 

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)

    @A_Ron_Hubbard what did you think about it being basically a remake of ANH? It didn't bother me so much but was hoping for a little bit more originality. Also what's the verdict- stocky stormtroopers because of where you were sitting?
    Bothered me moderately the first time, not at all the second. Here's my rationalization; how many times have we seen James Bond or the IM force try to stop a supervillain that has a nuclear bomb that's trying to blow up a city? Does anyone think that us cheesy or cliche? Nukes are our modern day superweapon. So of course, more often than not the bad guys in star wars are going to be trying to get their hands on and use a superweapon. Especially if planetary shielding makes most core world's essentially immune from conventional assault and blockaid tactics. You almost need a death star or star killer to even begin to threaten the rich and powerful planets.

    Sure, I'd like the weapons to be a bit more creative, but they're essentially MacGuffins. So why get so worked up about it? If the rest of the movie works it's just not enough to ruin it for me, and for my money so much if this film works like crazy.

    And that's before I took my son and watched him love it and proceed to spend the rest of the weekend play star wars with his cousins non stop. You guys, the eleven year old cried when Han died, it was just too much. I've kind of moved into the irrational stage with this movie. Hopefully Jim and I can see it again over the break and compare notes, because I don't think repeat watches Hutt this movie at all.
    "...Hutt this movie at all."  I'm gonna assume that's intentional because its pretty damn funny. :P

    And I've seen it three times so far, and each time I like it more.  That's a feeling that has been all but dead since 1999.  I'm 10 again.