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  • 10 Album Challenge thingy

    Ten albums that I've obsessed over during my life, in roughly chronological order of when I discovered them. There are probably a lot I'm forgetting, but these are the first that came to mind. About the first half of the list is stuff I picked up from my older siblings as a teenager, the rest is stuff I discovered on my own. Forgive me for the fact that two of them are obnoxiously obscure.

    1. Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
    2. Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
    3. Tool - Lateralus
    4. Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
    5. The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
    6. Jeff Buckley - Grace
    7. The Spent Poets - The Spent Poets
    8. David Bowie - Station to Station
    9. The Divine Comedy - A Short Album About Love
    10. Seeming - SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual

    Dee said:
    I don’t know... these lists are fun but I feel like it’s just a chance for everyone (general everyone) to show off how secretly cool they (think they) are.
    In an attempt to counteract this I'll also reveal my greatest musical shame - the first CD I ever owned was the Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It? single.
  • Lost - (Re)watch ——-> Spoiler Free Please.

    Absolutely watch Lost, imo. I may be biased here because I'm a finale-liker, but it's still a classic, and its highs are higher than anything Game of Thrones ever managed. Its lows (for me, certain stretches of seasons 2 and 3) are rough to get through, and it's a 50/50 chance whether you'll love or hate the way the whole thing ends, but the overall experience of watching it is 100% worth it.
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  • Someone help me, I don’t understand the hate this season

    (805 SPOILERS)

    I can give the perspective of one hater, namely myself. To me, the problems with the season are nothing new. Rushed or skipped character development, sloppy plotting, bafflingly weak executions of beats that could have been infinitely better had they been given a few minutes more thought - these are just exaggerations of flaws that were already present in season 7, and really going all the way back to when D&D first started to run out of book to adapt. I think season 8 is a mess of a season of television, but I don't think it's that much worse than season 7 or season 5 (although the reduced episode count certainly didn't help, and maybe a 10-episode run could've made some of this a bit cleaner).

    The biggest difference, and the reason why I think people are so annoyed, is because we're at the end now. There's nothing left after this, no light at the end of the tunnel, no last-minute turn around. It was easy in the past to justify stuff like the botched wight hunt from season 7 - I did plenty of it myself when those episodes were airing, saying stuff like "well, let's be fair to D&D, they didn't sign up to finish this series, and they're having to work with a complex story that even GRRM himself hasn't figured out how to bring together - if they have to take some shortcuts that don't make much sense, it'll be worth it as long as they get where they need to go." Problem is, now we're here, and it isn't worth it. There's no hidden depth to the White Walkers - they're just generic villains that anticlimactically drop dead when you kill their leader, like in a video game. There's no character depth in the battle for King's Landing - Dany just abruptly decides to burn the city even though she's already won, with no discernible motivation beyond "lol them crazy Targaryens", with a dash of "I'm sad because my nephew doesn't want to fuck me anymore". Every prophecy from the books that suggested compelling twists and turns at the end of the story was ignored entirely, in favour of the least interesting version of the ending, executed poorly. If these really are the broad strokes of what GRRM planned 30 years ago, then my excitement for the remaining two books has taken a big hit, although I think he'd sell this material a hell of a lot better by way of the internal character POVs and by way of just being a much better writer than Dan Weiss and David "themes are for eighth-grade book reports" Benioff.

    I don't think "The Bells" is the worst episode of Game of Thrones, as many are claiming. There was good stuff in there! It looked amazing, with Sapochnik delivering the kind of quality he should have delivered with "The Long Night". The stuff with Arya in the streets was solid. Cleganebowl was the dumbest thing in the world, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Everyone acted the hell out of what they were given. The problem is, this episode (and this season in general) marks the point where we can no longer tell ourselves there's something better or more interesting coming, that all of this messiness is leading to something worthwhile - and it makes the last four seasons seem worse in retrospect, because we can see that there's nothing behind the curtain, and there never was.
  • New Deadwood Movie Trailer

    "Hearst won't take long before he honors the rigors of his putrid fuckin' nature" is an incredibly Deadwood line.
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  • Avengers Endgame - Full Spoiler discussion

    Everyone who was snapped was brought back five years later, but at the same age they were when it happened. We can assume they're going to play fast and loose and say that all the relevant kids from Spider-Man were snapped to allow that series to continue.