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  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    Yeah this was a right-wing hit job from the start. These types like to "expose liberal hypocrisy" like this, but really they're just taking advantage of companies being on edge about offensive stuff like this because they're worried about the PR to get rid of someone they who dared to call them on their bullshit.

    Don't get me wrong, they're fucking shitty and offensive tweets, but he made them 10 years ago, and apologized for them 6 years ago. Anyone trying to conflate this with, say, Roseanne Barr directing a racist insult at someone *in 2018* and getting fired for it is being willfully disingenuous.
  • Prime Day Crash

    Just in case anyone here isn't aware of this, there's a strike going on right now in Europe in protest of Amazon's shitty treatment of their employees, and if you want to show support, not buying anything from them or using their websites during Prime Day is a good step. (This post isn't intended to shame anyone for using it, just to hopefully spread some awareness)
  • favorite single season of television

    Some drama picks, with recency bias in full swing probably, but I don't care: Breaking Bad season 4, Halt and Catch Fire season 4, Justified season 2, Lost season 1, Mad Men season 4, The Americans season 4, The Leftovers season 3, Twin Peaks: The Return

    Comedy is harder, but some personal favorites are: Arrested Development season 2, BoJack Horseman season 3, Community season 2, Rick and Morty season 2, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace season 1, Spaced season 2, The Day Today season 1, The Thick of It season 3
  • Emmy nominations 2018

    I want to live in the alternate universe where Michael Cera got a guest actor nomination for Wally Brando.
    [Deleted User]Elisa
  • Emmy nominations 2018

    @Jovial_Falcon Nope, the deadline was May 31 for last year - you had to have aired at least half of your season by then to be eligible for the 2017 awards, otherwise you were eligible for 2018 instead. Twin Peaks had only aired 4 of 18 episodes by that point.

    Case in point, it *did* get a few nominations this year (directing being the most prominent example, along with a few of the more technical categories), but was completely shut out in all the marquee categories - not in best limited series, nothing for Kyle Maclachlan, nothing for Laura Dern.
    [Deleted User]Elisa