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  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    Me, a week ago: "Wow, this The Last Jedi thread is really massive, can't wait to read through it after I've seen the film and join in with the discussion!"
    Me, today, after reading the thread:

    In all seriousness, put me down in the "I loved it", camp. Some really interesting new directions for the series and effective deconstructions of the plot beats of past Star Wars films, combined with some of the best directed sequences the franchise has ever seen. And that's even without getting into the smaller touches (Justin Theroux! Laura Dern's hair! Porgs!). I enjoyed TFA a lot for what it was, but was worried that everything from there on out was just going to be rehashes that played it safe. It's a relief to know that a Star Wars film that takes this many risks can be made under Disney.

    As for divide in opinions we're seeing from fans, well. I can kind of see where some of the people that didn't like it are coming from, but there's not really much I could say to make them change their minds - the past 10 pages of thread have proven that pretty conclusively. Either way, it's provided a mountain of things for nerds to argue endlessly about for years to come, and really that's more true to the spirit of Star Wars than anything else Johnson could've done.
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  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    So on one side we've got "Jim and A.Ron are clearly not hard enough on the show because it's bringing them more listeners and money", and on the other side we've got "Jim and A.Ron are nitpicking too much, they should just watch the show uncritically like the 99% of viewers who don't stop to think whether anything makes sense or not".

    Well, shit. You know you've made it when you're being called out for doing two completely opposite things at the same time. Congrats, guys.
  • HBO Hacked, Even More Spoilers Coming

    @Travis I am choosing to believe that you spent the three days between posts hard at work on this picture.
  • Twin Peaks, The Return: Season 3 Episode 11, "There's Fire Where You are Going"

    I nominate Gordon's "He's dead" for best line delivery of 2017.
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  • TWD season 8 comic-con trailer -- over 5 minutes long

    *starts watching*

    I mean, this doesn't look too bad...

    *trash people show up*

    ...god damn it.

    Let's hope TWD can bounce back from its worst season ever and give us something a little better. Like, maybe give us a season 4 or 5 level of quality and consistency. I'm not asking for much here.

    As for old man Rick...remember that trailers lie. Until I actually see it on screen I'm not going to assume it's anything more than some bullshit attempt at "artiness" dream sequence because this show is totally dumb enough to do something like that. Remember the fantasy outdoor meal from the season 7 premiere? Yep.