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  • The Americans - Season 5

    I'm kind of amazed by my reaction to the show this season. Other than a handful of small moments, this season feels like nothing of any consequence has happened. I'm entirely bored and disengaged at this point. Strange given how my feelings were exactly opposite last season. Are others experiencing the same disenchantment?
    Agreed. Between Gabriel's quiet departure and Paige's school girl break up, this season is dragging.  There've been no scenes with a real "HF" or cringe factor like folding a body up in to a suitcase, yanking your wife's tooth out in the garage or Stan Beeman blowing a guy's head off for revenge. They need to do something seriously dramatic in the next few episodes
  • 305 - Chicanery

    Can we all agree that Michael McKean is a great actor? What a great episode. 
    I agree.  I could not stand that actor for the longest time, and now I can't think of anyone that would play this character any better.
  • The Americans - Season 5

    I like the shift in attention to Will and his recently discovered scholastic talents.  It's cool to see him take the bull by the horns, develop a plan for his future and execute the plan.  I don't think it's the case, but it almost seemed like Elizabeth and Philip were more pissed he caught them off guard, than the fact he wanted to go away.  He speculated what their objections might be and shot them down one by one. 
  • 304 - Sabrosito

    @Melia004 I think every good TV show should have at least one Holy F moment every season, some have more.  To me the Hank scene from "One Minute" is the greatest HF scene in TV ever.  Even over Blackwater from GoT.  And yes, Kim's intelligence/personality definitely adds to the physical attractiveness.
  • 304 - Sabrosito

    I'm calling total B.S. on Better Call Saul for their total departure from reality.  Absolutely NO WOMAN exists who is as smart, funny, fun, attractive and THAT UNDERSTANDING as Kim. I can't believe how much she is willing to go through with Jimmy.  Maybe she likes the challenge.  I don't know.   I am professing my love for her publicly now, but I fell for her a long time ago. 

    The shot of Mike talking to Gus with the dark street between them was a very cool shot.  That dark street...does Mike want to cross it?  Because there is no going back.