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  • 603 - "Thank You"

    Ye on the side directly opposite there were walkers but I mean the fence on the left side, so the left side wall in the alley. im not sure if there was barbed wire on the top of that fence, so if they could just grab the top and somehow haul themselves over. I'll have to rewatch to be sure, maybe it's too far to jump.
  • 603 - "Thank You"

    I don't understand the geography at all. Ricks group are close enough to hear the horn but too far so daryl can't easily nip back home. Glens group should be ahead of the herd yet seemed to be bumping into random groups of zombies. Why would michone and co wait in that shop there was like 10 zombies at most, pretty spread out blocking their way (that randomly spawned after they saw that guy being ate). How did Morgan get back so fast?

    On the Glen thing I don't see how he can survive. The zombies were right by his head they would be chewing his face off. Noah was literally pulled apart by less zombies. I don't buy he has any chance at all but I also don't buy that they'd kill him off like that.

    Another thing at the end is the herd that finds Rick heading to Alexandria, meaning if Rick does just run off we could still get a herd attack on Alexandria. Speaking of Alexandria that girl couldn't even run away without spraining her ankle and that blue shirt guy got took out by one walker in a wide open space, like how the fuck.
  • Going Back to the Future of 10/21/2015

    I'm not sure where I heard it but I think theres something on Reddit about it. But basically the theory is Marty dies at the end and biff runs him over at the end of the tunnel. However doc jumps to that point to save him. It doesn't really add much to be honest I just like it.
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  • 602 - "JSS"

    Not sure if this has been brought up but when Morgan is giving his big blah blah you don't have to live like this speech to that guy who steals the gun. The gun guy says something like we don't have a choice. By that does he mean he's been ordered to do this, or is he just referring to the state of the world, as in its a dog eat dog world and this is how you survive yada yada.

    It's interesting how split people are on Enid is a wolf. If she was a wolf though she probably could of killed everyone herself prior to ricks arrival, given how useless the alexandrians are.
  • 602 - "JSS"

    Just seek strand.