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  • Gaming Anticipation

    I'd like to try until dawn and fallout 4, I'm still playing through the witcher 3 though so not in a rush until I finish that. I'd also like to try getting into destiny, but as I've only just got a ps4 I'm kinda behind. @Heff what is blood bowl like? i used to play the boardgame as a kid and loved it.
  • The Walking Dead Season Six - Preview Podcast [SPOILER FREE!!]

    Would be cool if we could set up a forum death pool
  • This is England 90

    I agree about some of the silly comedy moments @Nick but like you say it needs something to take the edge off.

    Ye it's definitely worth a watch @steph_b though I probably wouldn't binge too much, could be too much to take.
  • 106 - The Good Man

    As much as I enjoyed the bashing of the finale and show in general. I fear for your sanity trying to cover 31 episodes of the walking dead next year. Fear the walking dead has actually put me off the original, purely cus it's just reminded me of the problems TWD has, more than reminded me what's good about TWD.
  • 106 - The Good Man

    I don't understand anyone who watched this show and thinks that a season with all of these people on a boat would be anything even close to resembling interesting. In the hands of a more capable show, it could certainly do something cool with that. But I don't trust these guys.

    You think Chris was an annoying twerp before? How bad is he going to be with a dead mom?
    I don't know what you mean, imagine the games of monoply they can play on the boat, Strand probably has an ultimate bling monopoly set. Seriously though I think you've hit the nail on the head with "but i don't trust these guys". This is a huge problem for me with TWD and FTWD, I simply don't trust them to reach a satisfying conclusion. Contrast this to another spin off in Better Call Saul, I wasn't sold on this right away after the first few episodes, but i trusted the creators to tell a story and surprise surprise they did.

    Oh I'm also for a knick podcast, I really enjoyed the first season.