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  • 604 - "Here's Not Here"

    i enjoyed the episode for what it was but I'd of rather seen this after everything at Alexandria was concluded.

    Just had a thought is it possible Carroll just straight up kills Morgan if she finds out what he's doing with his prisoner wolf. She took out the 2 in the prison and lizzy because she deemed them a threat to the group. Surely she would see Morgan as a threat with his new found pacifist path.
  • NASA TV series

    Wasn't there a show similar to this that got cancelled. It was a show about a space mission but the mission was also a reality tv show. I struggle to remember what it was called or what happened, but I'm sure it did happen.

    I do remember it being kinda bad and it didn't have any kind of affiliation with nasa.
  • 602 - "JSS"

    Not sure if this has been brought up but when Morgan is giving his big blah blah you don't have to live like this speech to that guy who steals the gun. The gun guy says something like we don't have a choice. By that does he mean he's been ordered to do this, or is he just referring to the state of the world, as in its a dog eat dog world and this is how you survive yada yada.

    It's interesting how split people are on Enid is a wolf. If she was a wolf though she probably could of killed everyone herself prior to ricks arrival, given how useless the alexandrians are.
  • 501 - "The Wars to Come" - SPOILERS

    I posted something on the fb thread about a possible solution to dannys problem this episode, but wasn't sure if it could be considered as a spoiler.

    Anyway surely the easy solution is for Danny to use trial by combat as a means for judgement. She could even have the harpy murderer face selmy, who would be just some old guy to the unsuspecting mereen crowd. I feel she needs the equivalent of sending someone to the nights watch, like joff could of done with ned to appease everyone. The fighting pits could serve as this device for Danny, and would also give the people a justice they understand.