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  • The Baldies 2020 discussion

    I completely missed the listener vote this year :( Was there an email or a forum thread? I was surprised that there was not a single mention of "I May Destroy You" in any of the categories, in my opinion the best drama (and biggest miss) this year. I don't know any other show like it, really thought provoking.
  • Dark (2017) - Spoilers and discussions

    To A.Ron's question why it's always kids that are being kidnapped for the tests with the time machine prototype... I think none of the kids were chosen randomly.

    For example, I think Yassin was almost certainly kidnapped by Noah in 2019 because Yassin was dating Elizabeth (Noah's future wife) at the time. For others, one can only speculate, so I will.

    Erik: if he had not been kidnapped, Bartosz wouldn't have talked the other teenagers into going to the caves to look for Erik's drugs, which ultimately sets the Mikkel-Michael time loop in motion. Also, it is with Erik's cellphone that Noah first gets in touch with Bartosz.

    Mads: recall that Regina says to Ulrich, when they meet in her hotel in 2019 in season 1, that Mads always looked out for her and was nice to her when they were kids. I wonder if Mads was kidnapped because if he hadn't, then Regina may have never married Aleksander and given birth to Bartosz (who then, later in his own life becomes Noah's helper, and later still, may become the guy who builds the tunnel together with young Noah back in the 1920s, by some speculative accounts).
  • Dark (2017) - Spoilers and discussions

    MancMatts said:
    Also, the full trailer for the final season dropped this morning as well and it looks just as bonkers and off the wall that I’d hoped for

    So, so hyped!
  • The Baldies 2019 - Voting

    Undone was the biggest miss this year in my opinion. It's an Amazon Prime rotoscope-animated mystery series, co-created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg (of Bojack Horseman). As someone with a close friend who has suffered from schizophrenic psychosis in the past, this show really hit home and made me feel, just for a moment, that I could maybe understand a little better what it feels like... If you like the dark parts of Bojack Horseman, or the Leftovers, you're gonna like this:

  • Great British Baking Show (spoilers)

    amyja89 said:
    Welcome to the real British way of things haha. I like seeing things one ep a week, a nice break from binge culture.

    Spanish gothy Helena was a fave from week one for me lol, even though her cake bat wings failed.
    That spider nest was fantastic, best show stopper so far!