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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I agree with you regarding the Harris camps tactics. That said, however, Biden still looked like a train wreck up there IMO. He literally uttered the phrase “My time is up” while stumbling over his words like the 76 year old he is. I for one will be very disappointed with the Democratic Party if he ends up being the nominee. I like Biden as Obama’s right hand man in funny memes and shit but its time to get the hell out and get progressive. How can you be the progressive party with a 76 year old at the helm? I have been pissed off about this since the moment he announced he was running so last night just reaffirmed it for me. Trump WANTS Biden to be the nominee. And I legit believe him when he says this. Thanks for all the shit you’ve done in the past but its time to step aside and use that thunder to help push someone else to the top!!
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Gotta say that the acting MVP of this season for me is Gwendoline Christie.Three of the best scenes of the season were her being knighted, Jamie leaving, and then her having to fill out the Kingsguard book. She knocked every one of them out of the park
    I have to give to to Peter Dinklage for 2 scenes specifically.  When he released his brother in episode 5 and when he was held prisoner and talked with Jon in episode 6.  In my opinion Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey are the series MVP when it comes down to the acting department.
    Yea, as far as the entire series, Dinklage not having shit to work with the last 3 seasons gives Lena Headey the slight win. Not his fault, but the scenes just weren’t there. Plus, about 5 too many eunuch jokes. 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Gan said:
    Gan said:
    So let me get this right... 

    A non-redeemed Jamie and Mad Queen Cersei die beneath a pile of rocks, 

    The White Walkers, and The Night King and his army of others are defeated in one night... 

    Jon becomes a Queen Slayer by killing his Queen, Lover, Aunt, who went crazy and burned down an entire city killing almost all of its people. He then reunites with Ghost and gets to live a life completely free without having to worry about Kings or Queens or the realm. 

    Bran becomes King of six kingdoms, with the implication that he may have planned for this entire scenario to happen by manipulating the time-line?

    Sansa becomes Queen in the North

    Arya becomes a care free adventurer, journeying for unknown lands beyond Westeros 

    Sam becomes Arch Maester

    Bronn becomes Master of Coin

    Davos becomes Master of Ships

    Tyrion becomes the Hand of the King/Queen for the 3rd time. 

    Brienne becomes head of the Queens Guard 

    Drogon fucks off and flies who knows where with Dany's corpse. 

    Where exactly is the bittersweet ending at? 

    Okay, King's Landing and Dany died but that seems to be it. 
    So, are fans going to go from saying that the ending was looming to to be all bitter and no sweet to now arguing that it's mostly sweet and no bitter?

    My eyes cannot possibly roll around anymore in my head without falling out of their sockets.

    Go ahead and roll them, you're free to like it but it's not really a bittersweet ending. 
    Jon having to break his honor is pretty fucking bitter
  • Why are folks so upset about Jamie?

    They didn’t ruin Jamie’s arc in this episode, they ruined it in in S7E1.The terrible writing for Jamie’s character started then for me when he went right back to her after she destroyed all those innocent people by blowing the sept. The very thing that the Mad King was threatening. If that didn’t turn him against Cersei, nothing would, rather nothing “should.” So, he forgave her for blowing up the sept but lying to Dany about joining them I’m the war vs the dead was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Doesn’t make sense. However, since that’s the route they chose back then, the ending we got does make sense. Also, they defeated the Army of the dead and she was pregnant with his child. Makes total sense why he would go to try and save her, IMO 
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