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  • 906 - Who Are You Now? (Hater Edition)

    @Alkaid13 This thread idea is better than most plot lines the writers come up with. 
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

     seanray said:
    Well then, I feel like my hands are tied, because if we can’t have discussions about the policies of the country of both parties in a political thread, what’s the point? I mean you say I’m defending a racist, I say, he appointed a black man as secretary of housing and urban development. According to an article by Philip Bump of The Washington Post in June of this year, the African American unemployment rates are the lowest in almost 50 years. Is that in spite of Trump? Or because of him?
    The term “racist” has evolved over the years. Having a black friend is no longer evidence of not being racist. Hell, come to think of it, was it ever? 
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    Dee said:
    Flukes said:
    Gimlet's Science Vs podcast is doing a special series of US hot button topics this week for those who are having conversations with people they care about.

    Gun Violence, Abortion, and Climate Change are up right now.They do a good job of debunking the assumptions and junk science of both proponents and opponents.
    As much as I love podcasts that debunk bullshit, they’re really only preaching to the converted. I’ve been listening to Pod Save America lately and I’m learning so much, but some Trumpnado hears the same thing and all that goes into their heads is FAKE NEWS. I know that A.Ron talks often about being a conservative in the past and doing a complete 180, but it really is pretty rare, especially in these times of such aggressive partisanship. 
    I used to vote Republican(voted for GW Bush both times) and I too, have done a complete 180. And I live in the same red State, hell, the same red county, that I’ve pretty much always lived in. I ask myself all the time. “What the fuck made me change?” If I could bottle that shit up, I could make a huge difference out there.  
  • Who Is America?

    Can I just say, as a Georgian, I’ve never been more proud of one of our elected representatives. Also, I can’t wait to try rubbing my ass on someone to stop a terrorist attack. 
  • "Gods of Thrones" or, "A.Ron writes another book!"

    Is there gonna be an entire chapter dedicated to the mystery of whether or not the gold reached Kings Landing?