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  • Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

    cdrive said:
    I liked the bit on the current opioid crisis juxtaposed with the 80s crack epidemic.  The LGBTQ sketch had some good moments too like the joke on the bathroom break not being until after the next 3 states.  Also the part about every African American needs to register...for a firearm, cause that’s the only way they’ll change the laws. That was pretty hilarious. 
    I agree but that’s the sugar to the bitter pill. It’s up to the viewer to judge how much of each. Chris Rock does the same kind of insightful commentary especially around race. So he’s like Chris Rock but really mean. 
  • Which show had the BEST finale?

    Hey, let's talk positive! What show or shows do you think had the most satisfying ending?

    Breaking Bad is definitely one for me. Season 5 and all the Nazi stuff definitely paled in comparison to Gus but those last three episodes are just wonderful and damn near perfect. That rising final shot of Walt is something I will never forget.

    Also, a criminally underappreciated show VEEP recently ended and I thought it was a fitting send off. They hit all the right notes for their characters and that show was such a joy from beginning to end.
    I finished VEEP last week. I loved this show, but I am still haunted by the ending. Thinking about it now can make me cry. No spoilers so just going to say my opinion of two characters completely changed. I guess this is the very definition of a successful finale. 
    Which two characters? And change for the better I assume? You don't have to say any details. My guess would be that Ken is one of them? I was pleasantly surprised with how they handled him.

    Richard definitely got the best ending, because of course he did. Ha!

    Selina and Gary. One disgusted (not better) and one broke my heart (better). But most importantly, I saw this coming even though I held on to hope that things would be fixed right up to the time jump. 

    And Richard. My my. So good. 
    Yeah, that moment when she is walking on stage for her speech was incredible. In a show about bad people doing bad things all the time, it was absolutely the most impactful and brutal thing they've ever done.
    I’ve watched that scene several times trying to understand why it hit me so hard. One of the reasons is that you see Selena tear up as she hugs him. Broke my heart. I knew she would do anything to achieve the presidency but not this. Not this. 
    Teresa from ConcordMurderbear
  • Fleabag - Spoilers

    My wife’s theory: After the episode with Kristin Scott Thomas, my wife realized that she is really bi and that one of the reasons she might have ruined Boo’s relationship was because she was truly, romantically in love with her. It worked but with tragic results. 
  • The expanse

    After the first third of the second season it really takes off. The first season can seem aimless BUT it lays the critical groundwork. 
  • Alamo Drafthouse announces women-only screening of 'Wonder Woman' and men are upset

    As an African-American male, I don't know how to feel about this. I know as a guy that maybe I should get over myself but if there was a Black only screening for Twelve Years A Slave, I would be REALLY upset about that.