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  • 308: Crisis Theory

    I really wanted to like this season.

    I didn't, really.

    It could have done with some Akecheta-quality episode.
  • Quarantine Eats

    I think I may have eaten more poached eggs in the last month than the last ten years.  I'm loving it.

    I also managed to get a local butcher to cut pork loin and make "British Bacon"

    I'm probably going to have a heart attack before this is all over.
  • Art in the Time of Corona

    On a whim, a while back I wrote here on the forums; several vignettes about how I met my (now) wife.  If I find time, I'll search them out and finish them off in a google doc or something.  I originally figured if I was able to get them down it would make a nice gift to share with her.

    Other than that, I helped my dad rewrite a song that he wrote when he was my age.  I have no musical talent so it was just some rewording, really.
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Last week my son (three at the end of May) was sick - vomiting into his hands and telling me he needed to "spit out the yuckies".  Obviously, I took care of him over the course of two days and two nights (my wife is an essential worker, and also vomit is probably her biggest fear).

    Any road, a couple of things made my "day":
    1.  Last week, I found myself remembering a lot of times when my own father looked after me when I was sick.  Made me continue to appreciate what a loving father he was/is, and I was able to share the memory with him (WhatsApp), and tell him I love and appreciate him.  He was touched (at least I think he was, he has a weird WhatsApp communication style full of hyphens)

    2.  Today, I wasn't feeling too hot.  My stomach hurt, and I felt nauseous.  My almost-3 told me: "I'll rub your belly daddy and you'll feel better, okay?"  Even though I didn't feel better physically, I definitely felt better emotionally.  When he asked did it help I told him "yes" and he said "you helped me daddy and I help you".  I'll admit, I got something in my eye.

    All in all, two lovely memories in the midst of a lot of worries.  Thank you, world.
  • 306: Decoherence

    Haleoros on the warpath no doubt. This last 15 mins or so saved the ep for me. Only found the Caleb stuff interesting so far this season until now.

    Maeve story bores me.