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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Hey folks

    I was doing pretty well, taking things relatively seriously but not like a zombie apocalypse prepper or TP black market trader.

    Then I read this tweet thread:

    I'd say I'm normally pretty level headed but this is putting the willies up me.
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  • Guys! You MUST start coverage on HBO's Euphoria

    cdrive said:
    I heard there was like a million dicks in episode 1. Like Chernobyl times an order of magnitude.
    What, like mutant dicks?
  • A Teachable Moment: Pride Month

    I'm all for celebrating pride. Not sure he was that much of a dick afterward than just ignorant, intentionally (clearly to me, comparing Catholicism to the Holocaust or is ridiculous) or otherwise.  Seemed like more of a rules 11 and 12 to me by that stage though. I liked that forum someone a while ago linked that was much more specific about things that were established nogos (something like you can support the president, but saying children being separated from parents is a morally justified immigration strategy will get you banned).

    I empathize, as I think you do, as it should be clearer by now that all "I feel targeted" isn't the same as "my oppression is as bad as theirs".  People's feelings are their feelings, and emotions aren't always backed up by logic.  It can be hard for me, talking with a trump supporter or a misogynist or whatever, to have empathy in the face of a lack of empathy, but I always try and each time I get a little bit better at it, and maybe one day good enough to have a safe and vulnerable conversation where we both make progress.

    Just this weekend I had a small get together for my son's second birthday and one of the dad's proudly mentioned to me how he'd never changed a nappy.  Several years ago I'd have probably just said "that's fucked up" but instead this time I talked about why I am a more active participant and how we share parenting duties, how I think it will have an impact on us raising a man, how it is another way to care for my son and respect my wife etc.  I didn't focus on negatives of not doing, just on positive of doing.  He didn't necessarily agree but he didn't try and laugh it off or hit me with "you're whipped", so I hope he found time to reflect. Education on open mindedness cannot be drilled into someone, nor can minds be changed by "you're an idiot", I think.
  • What is the actual justification for not using Russian/Eastern European actors for Chernobyl?

    Dude, Christian Bale was Moses. Americans do whatever the fuck they want to do.
  • 805 - The Bells

    As for the episode:

    Miguel Sapochnik can shoot the shit out of anything. This, like Battle of the Bastards and The Long Night was visually beautiful. The story was a piece of turd aside from the quiet moments, the Arya/Hound stuff (especially her calling him Sandor), the Tyrion holding Varys wrist bit, the goodbye to Jaime bit, but for the most part I'm treating the final episodes as very good trash TV rather than the deeper character driven storylines from the past.

    Cleganebowl was a let down for me but I appreciated it at least wasn't the Hound defeating with sword alone a man mountain zombie unkillable being. I also appreciated Jon not being able to stop the descent back into war once they all realised Dany DGAF
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