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  • Spoiler from the spoiler section of the most recent podcast

    The first time I heard him hinting about it was an episode or two ago and he told people to wait until episode 8.

    I'm guessing all the people bitching about the techs got to him and he finally just gave them an answer to shut them up.

    What I don't get with a serial drama like this is why keep doing press mid season. At this point I don't think you are going to drum up that much more hype. Do the interviews after the finale to start the hype train for next season.
    Based on my experience on another board, "fans" get quite angry when they are not acknowledged. IMO it's just another example of Entitlement run wild but I suppose if that's your target demo you do what you gotta do.
  • Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    The general reaction I've seen on the only other forum I participate in is almost unanimous praise. Several people saying they were devastated by the deaths/brutality and loved every word Negan uttered. I'm always happy when other fans are happy, even if this time I'm underwhelmed.
  • Why did A.ron stop watching lost?

    I watched all of LOST as it aired and loved it. Somewhat related - it was also my intro into listening to podcasts. I greatly enjoyed to 20-minute or so casts that Lindelof and Cuse delivered.

    As much as I respect A. Ron, I have to disagree that it "isn't in dispute" that they "straight up lied." 
    The line they towed throughout, to my memory, was that they had a basic road map of events and they were parsing it out according to the realities of network demands, casting issues, etc.

    I also feel that they DID give answers. A shitload of them. Possibly too many. Whether or not they were satisfying is obviously subjective. There really isn't anything lingering that I need to know having watched the entire series and the DVD short featuring Ben Linus de-commissioning the warehouse dudes.

    I'm typically generous towards people I disagree with. When LOST ended I did not side with fans declaring that critics "didn't get it." But I've been very surprised since at how many people really didn't. There's an interview with Lindleoff wherein the interviewer states his disappointment that the characters were dead all along. Damon has to explain that it's stated, matter-of-fact in the finale, that isn't the case.

    I would just say - don't lay out any opinion based on the "controversy." Not everyone who got on the soap box did the homework.