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    I could see Sansa's motivations to do it, but Dany didn't arrive in Winterfell (giving Sansa access) until season 8, right? It wouldn't explain the apparent intel that Team Cersei had in season 7 ... 
    Flukesken hale
  • So how is GOT gonna end?

    So, the thing that I still wonder about and assume we won't get an answer on, what happened to the baby The Night King turned into a White Walker in season 4? Like, do they age normally? Faster? Is it sitting back at the home base in case The Night King dies and then he mounts his own attack the next time another Long Night rolls around in a thousand years or so?
    Yeah, I've been wondering that. Presumably, the Craster Crew has made many sacrifices over the years. How long does it take them to grow up into big, bad WWs?

    If we're lucky, they'll do a spin-off to really flesh out these answers ... Night King's School For Boys — Whitewalker Academy. 
  • 204 - The Riddle of the Sphinx

    Devils731 said:
    chrisk said:
    I’m not sure why people think the daughter is a host. Maybe I missed something. 

    I’ve assumed that at least the one we saw in India was human and that had just happened when all the hosts went nuts. She escaped and at some point afterwards figured out where her Dad was. We don’t really know where MIB’s adventures fit in with all this other stuff do we? We just know it’s after Ford was killed. 

    That or there’s also a host version of the daughter that Ford created to screw with MIB, or help him. I thought she seemed different in her demeanor in the end and also geared up pretty nicely for someone who’d just escaped capture and had been on her own. 

    Age wise, the actress is 37 so that fits with the timeline of the show. 

    - actually just listened to the beginning of the podcast and I think Aaron and Jim were joking about that. But I’ve see that suggested elsewhere. 

    I’m not a great theorist but I was wondering if the shoes running up the stairs and the body in the tub was the MIB running to to his daughter who just killed herself. Possibly to keep the brain fresh for scanning?

    Just seems odd the show specifically reminded us that MIB said his wife died by pills while then seeming to imply she slit her wrists in a tub. Also, that we saw his daughter specifically check her new lover to see if he’s a host but he does not check her back. Thirdly, could explain how how she survived the Tiger hitting into her and her subsequent swim. 

    No real evidence of anything, just popped in my head during the instant react. 
    Stubbs: "They keep the humans close, but they're not killing us. Just the hosts."
    Emily: "Yea, no offense, but I'm not gonna stick around to test that theory."
  • 704 - "Spoilers (ha) of War"

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    Jon still holds the Leeroy Jenkins title, for his performance in The Battle of the Bastards.
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