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  • What music are you streaming?

    Book alert, @Freddy

    I know this dude, Houston’s own Lance Scott Walker who writes a lot about Houston Rap history.

  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    Byrdie said:
    OK, any folks here parents and still gigging? I got few a kids and like being home with them but have a couple opportunities here in the Raleigh-Durham area to join some established acts. Anybody got any advice on that particular balancing act? Sorry to get all serious.
    I was in a band full of dads towards the end of our run. I wasn’t yet a dad cause I was the youngest, but I really don’t see too much of a problem as long as you’re doing local shows.  We’d practice 1 or 2 times a week and do 1 show a month. As long as you keep your better half happy. But you need your me time.  
  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Discord still sucks. I guess it’s down right now? It’ll most likely never be as cool as this place once was. No one can just start a thread like “Do raisinets look like rabbit doo doo?” on a whim like we used to here and just shoot the shit. I miss Chinaski and other users dropping upcoming movie/tv trailers and actually talking about it, instead of some annoying soulless spambot. And sandwich threads and active music threads and threads about all random things in a vibrant Bald Move grand central station of activity. All those users saying they’d never post here cause they like Discord and now they can participate now that it’s on Discord? LIES! And so many OG’s here left.  :(

    Also, fuck the PS5! How do they even sleep at night releasing new games like this Elden Ring bullshit. Who gives a shit? If we’re not one of the 36 people in the US that has a PS5, we’re supposed buy it on PS4 and get excited about it? Average life of a PlayStation edition is 6.5 years with the latter end of its life being long in the tooth. We’re more than a third into that lifespan now. I don’t desktop PC game. Haven’t for 20 years. I also don’t own a beeper or a Sony discman. No PS5 has been a real gut punch.  Darkest moment in gaming history since the Atari ET game.

    Ok I think I got it all out. 
  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    I’m not in the Succession mafia, but my Mare bummer-ness was and still is minor.  Who cares man. Hey at least enough gave a shit enough to the think the opposite of meh for Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson, and Kate Winslet to all win Emmys, Winslet win a Golden Globe, and SNL give us one of the funniest skits in a while riding whatever amount of zeitgeist there was. Let the record show when that show was happening I wasn’t throwing myself on the ground convulsing my limbs in here when the guys weren’t feeling it. I’ve really been enjoying the Prestige back catalog of movies lately with my recent ‘22 neighborhood walks, most recently Easy Rider.  That was a great cover for whoever hasn’t listened to it. 
  • Station Eleven on OTC

    This show proved to me yet again one universal truth, that the word “pretentious” is the most misused and misunderstood word in history. Yes as you said @RyanReeseman, we’re not animals and we crave emotion, passion, and art to remain sane and human just as much as important as filtering your own piss like Bear Grylls.  It was sorta dudebro annoying with like ‘bro I would eat like so many of the Juilliard actor-types I be like CLACK! CLACK! …CLACK CLACK!! and then do it again. And this Hamlet bullshit bro!? Do Avengers bro!  *face palm* ok, well too bad.