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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Our power just came back on!!!  Geez that was rrrrough. Had been out since 1:30 am Monday.   Now please just stay on! 
  • General Tomfoolery

    Helping my 8 yr old with school, and I just think it’s cool that a group of parrots is called a pandemonium.   B)
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Chinaski said:
    Wowzas!  I knew I was going to be summoned!   :D

    I’m still processing this. Lots of new guys and lots of picks I need to read the details on....

    No hard feelings on Harden, honestly. If he wins one with KD then I’ll be happy for him. Certainly going to be watching more Nets games now to see Harden and Durant together on the same team again. Scary. 

  • NFL 21/22

    Deshaun needs to get out! Honestly to me the Texans have always been the invasive species \ “that’s not my son!” \ Fake Ass Oilers.  Ownership is on James Dolan level. Harden is completely different, to me right, cause he forced the Paul for Westbrook trade.  Both are great dudes. Not too many sports stars do what Deshaun and Harden do for the community. 
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Resigned today.  Really it made my day.  It feels great cause this job has beaten down my soul over the past 5 years. Company is in its death throes and this is the Hail Mary. Fired all the sales guys so engineers with no work will sell and then design.  Everyone was on voluntary furlough already for months so it was a 20% cut already taking each Friday off.  Trumpies, anti-maskers, and racists all the way to the top. Could never take time off so have 2 months of vacation. Wife makes good money & health insurance so we’ll be fine. Like a huge breath of fresh air. Self care, exercise, eating right. Not being stressed the fuck out all the time. Not being so aggro, go back to being me and sweet. Have colleagues in the industry telling me they have a ton of places that would be glad to have me on board. Fish rots from the head, I forgave myself 2 years ago for things I can’t control as this company circles the drain.  This should have happened YEARS ago. Onward to the new chapter.  A chapter of my choosing where I can be happier.  No toxicity, no waking up hating to go to work, not having fun, coming home angry or downtrodden. Strong support from my beautiful wife. We’ve been kicking it for 23 years. Get to help my kids with virtual school like a stay home Dad for a little while.  Not swamped with debt. It’s like a car just got forklifted off my chest.
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