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  • Sappy Movies

    Dee said:
    @cdrive The Wedding Singer is my all time favourite movie (though I tell people it’s Miller’s Crossing). The aeroplane bit is saved from sappy by having Billy Idol in it, I reckon. 

    I was listening to a podcast the other day and someone mentioned School of Rock as a perfect movie, and I thought, you know what, it is. 
    It so fucking is.  Every time I run into that movie on TV I'm like, well shit, there goes whatever I was supposed to do for the next hour or so. 
  • Sappy Movies

    I love Father of the Bride.

    Here's my go at it: 

    The Wedding Singer
    Down With Love
    School of Rock
    Pitch Perfect
    Crazy Rich Asians

  • NBA 2019-2020 Thread

    In Houston it's "good luck trying to get on Clutch Fans right now." ; System over load with all the trade chat.

    The bad taste in our mouth giving up so many picks w/ CP3 for Westbrook.  Now Presti gets even MORE picks?!

    And now Westbrook is trying to get moved, and Harden is trying to join KD & Kyrie on the Nets.

    And I stanned for the longest time for the new owner Tilman Fertitta 'cause he's a Coog and pumped so much money into UH, especially with basketball but also landing us a top coach.  But so many Rockets fans can't stand him and I'm starting to shed my bias.  He's overly concerned about the luxury tax.  He ran off Morey. He ran of D'Antoni.  And now we have our stars wanting to get traded.  
  • Under-the-Radar Cover Songs

    ^ my fav Baby Blue is by The Byrds on The Byrds Play Dylan (have it on vinyl) followed closely by the Van Morrison, Them version (have it on a Basquiat Soundtrack CD somewhere.)

    Got another one I forgot about that recently came on my Spotify New Release Radar, but 2 weeks ago Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Willie Nelson released a cover of Under Pressure.  It’s....really damn good. 

  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    Byrdie said:
    I got locked out trying to post a picture of my board but now my board has changed a lot  in a couple weeks so I'll have to snap a new pic

    I bought a JM JM in the meantime!

    (I still can't figure out why it won't let me upload photos actually, I only get the URL option)
    Welcome, JMJM brother, to the JMJM fam. That’s 3 of us here now. We can form a power trio. There was a local H-Town band once that had all basses only, 3 basses, and they called themselves Basses Loaded. Anyways, congrats! 

    So another way is I go to   and upload a photo, get the html embed code link, cut the actual http to .jpg from the html code on a notepad file  and upload it in the url option. A little tedious but quick.