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  • What are you playing?

    Downloaded Breath of the Wild Friday morning on the Switch and I’ve been playing it all weekend with the fam. This is probably going to be my favorite Zelda game of all time.  Just got my paraglider after making the recipe to get my warm doublet.

  • Spooktacular Vol. 4? / Scary shit to watch in Oct.

    Sadly, I think Spooktacular Vol. 4 got 86'd by 2020.  Maybe not but probably so.  Understandable, but man... I was a big fan.  Big big fan.  Really loved the campy "Are you Afraid of the Dark" couple / group dynamic.

    But so I'm curious what everyone is watching, or has plans to watch during this spooky month of October.  If y'all could post them here and hopefully I could discover some new stuff that missed my radar, and get new ideas!

    Here is what's in my 99 cent plastic pumpkin for October:

    The Third Day
    Fuck this is sooo good! I've started to listen to J&A's OTC podcast and they seem largely impressed by it too.  I've never seen such an accurate representation of an LSD trip.  Hope that's not too much of a spoiler really.  But totally reminded me of when ...ugh...a friend of mine, yeah a friend that's right, one time tripped and watched Princess Mononoke and then walked on a moonlit night from one person's efficiency down a wooded street to another person's efficiency.  I've watched all 4 episodes and it's great.  Also I recognize the island from that movie The Woman in Black starring Harry Potter.

    Nurse Ratched
    Haha man this show is so gross.  I'm not one for too much gore so I'm getting a little squeamish.  But man Ryan Murphy sure likes to push that gore all up in your grill.  I'm having lots of fun with this one too.  Set and costume are off the charts.     

    His House
    Comes out I think on Halloween Eve.  Google the trailer.  Looks pretty damn good!

    Wow, these are not the monsters I was looking for.  This shit is dark and bleak.  I'm 3 episodes in and I haven't gotten pissed off at it yet.  It's an anthology and apparently there are hits and misses.  No misses for me yet.  Just calling balls and strikes here but the 1st 3, while not amazing, were fairly decent. I don't think I've come across one of these purported stinkers yet.

    I want to watch this, but I'm not sure when it will be that I want to "$20 to rent" level of watch this yet...if that makes any sense.  Has to be a Saturday night when everyone is on the same frequency.  Looks like Get Out Pt. 2 or like a fly in the web kind of story.

    I bought it for 9 bucks. I'm 30 minutes in.  I have never seen this Folk Horror classic.  I wanted to watch this for some background before getting into Third Day.  Also I loved Midsommar which sorta got me looking into this 'folk horror' genre.  

  • Bald Move Guitar & Gear Nerds!

    Before 2020 & Covid, the prior decade I bought a total of 3 pedals.  Then a pal invited me to a fuzz group and a shoegaze pedal group. And 2 old mates from two previous bands were also going thru a ‘Sound Rebirth’. And I’ve had more time to get re-energized and play more. It’s been quite the year: 

  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    This looks fantastic.  Trailer gave me the feels.

    Teresa from ConcordJoshuaHeter
  • What music are you streaming?

    Wow!  Can't wait to dig into this!

    Deerhoof Release New Surprise Covers Album Love-Lore: Stream

    The 43-song (!) "medley" includes reimagined versions of The Beach Boys, Parliament, Kraftwerk, and more

    Love-Lore Tracklist:
    01. Ornelle Coleman – “In All Languages”
    02. John Donald Robb – “Excerpt from Spatial Serenade”
    03. Voivod – “Macrosolutions to Megaproblems”
    04. Earl Kim – “Earthlight”
    05. Stu Phillips – “Knight Rider”
    06. Raymond Scott – “Ohio Bell”
    07. Mauricio Kagel – “Music for Renaissance Instruments”
    08. Eddie Grant – “Electric Avenue”
    09. Gary Numan – “Cars”
    10. Karlheinz Stockhausen – “Kontakte”
    11. The Beach Boys – “Wonderful”
    12. Gerald Fried – “Star Trek: Balance of Terror”
    13. Pauline Oliveros – “All Fours
    14. Paul Williams – “Rainbow Connection”
    15. James Tenney – “For Ann (Rising)”
    16. Silver Apples – “Oscillations”
    17. Kraftwerk – “We Are the Robots”
    18. John Williams – “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
    19. The Police – “Driven to Tears”
    20. Morton Feldman – “Patterns in a Chromatic Field”
    21. Sun Ra – “They Dwell on Other Planes”
    22. Parliament – “Unfunky UFO”
    23. Asha Puthli – “Space Talk”
    24. Ennio Morricone – “Ottave Comandamento: Corri Veloce”
    25. Milton Babbitt – “Homily for Snare Drum”
    26. The B-52s – “Song for a Future Generation”
    27. Sofia Gubaidulina – “Mechanical Accordion”
    28. Vinicius De Moraes and Baden Powell – “O Astronauta”
    29. Dionne Warwick – “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”
    30. David Graeber – “Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit”
    31. Derek Bailey – “Improvisation”
    32. William Hanna and Hoyt Curtin – “The Jetsons”
    33. Anthony Braxon – “C-M=B05”
    34. Gyorgy Kurtag – “Shadows for Contrabass Solo”
    35. Eric Siday – “The Perking Coffee Pot”
    36. Igor Stravinsky – “Variations Aldous Huxley in Memoriam”
    37. Caetano Veloso – “Pulsar”
    38. Luigi Nono – “Uno Espressione”
    39. Krzysztof Penderecki – “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima”
    40. John Cage – “Empty Words”
    41. George Brecht – “Drip Music”
    42. The Velvet Underground – “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
    43. Laurie Anderson – “Example #22