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  • Waterworld

    Delightful!  Total nostalgia for me.  I was a senior at University of Cincinnati the summer this came out. Went to see it with a few friends/classmates.  On one hand I was pissed because money was tight and I wasted money on that movie.  (I probably saw 3 movies during my entire time in college.  Going to the bar with friends was a way higher priority.)  But on the other hand I don't ever remember laughing harder at a film while watching it.  We really irritated one of friends bc she had been really looking forward to the movie.  Eventually she got on board and we had a blast making fun of it.  We may have even walked out. I can't remember!   Which reminds me of the only other time I walked out of a movie - Joe Vs. The Volcano.  Thanks for the memories guys! 
  • John Adams miniseries review?

    We loved this miniseries when it came out. And after watching Hamilton last night I’m ready for a rewatch. 
  • Hamilton

    Watched with the family last night.  Told our daughters (11 and 15) that they had to give it “20”; they never left.  (Helps that they know the music.) Amazing. I had literal tears streaming down my face.  The birth of our American experiment was not perfect and many hoped we would improve it. My faith and hope in the American experiment was a bit renewed last night.  

    We were lucky to see Hamilton when it came to San Diego, but you can’t improve on Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Digs, and Rene Goldsberry, and seeing it at home I was able to see so much more. Both experiences were fantastic. Will be rewatching a number of times. 
  • A weird request for anyone who has Le Creuset or Chasseur

    As you can tell, my dutch oven is VERY loved.  :)  Its a 28, 6.7 litre
    I hope I am measuring it correctly....I don't use metric very often LOL
    Diameter: 28.5 cm , 36 cm with handles
    Ht: 13.5 cm, 18 cm  with lid and knob

    Hope that helps! 
  • What are you binging right now?

    Anyone seen Giri/Haji on Netflix? Was looking up Kelly McDonald after the Trainspotting podcast to see what she's doing now.  Lo and behold, she has a  series that came out last year on Netflix. 

    And either Google and Netflix are trolling me together or its a huge coincidence, but Giri/Haji showed up in "my recommendations" right after I searched for Kelly McDonald.