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  • Goddammit, Louis.

    Thomas said:
    Thomas said: hi
    Thomas, how can you worry so much about this quarterback I've never heard of when there are women being murdered and people are getting rich off sex trafficking underage girls in this world? Being murdered or sold into sex slavery is way worse than two rapes, so clearly you should feel bad for even bringing it up in public? The media really sold you a bullshit narrative, am I right?

    This is why what you're doing is wrong. You might think it's not, or that this line of thinking is original, but on the internet you can count on people flying in to tell people that there are bigger fish to fry in any thread that tries to discuss anything. Care about animal welfare? Fuck you there are starving kids in Africa.  In fact, it's actually a logical fallacy called "the fallacy of relative privation".

    Now, please stop doing it. I'm sure there are NFL forums you can and should spread awareness on the Tampa Bay qb scumbag. 
    What are you so angry about?  Iy said he should be punished, what he did was sick and wrong, and that he deserves to lose his endorsements and gigs.  But I am supposed to be as equally outraged about a guy beating off in front of girls as I am out about people physically raping women?

    Three weeks ago we were talking about Harvey Weinstein, last week it was Kevin Spacey, now it is Louis CK.  You are trying to tell me that these acts committed by these three people are all equal and shouldn't be weighted by their awfulness?  Because now I am not hearing nearly as much about Weinstein raping women or Spacey touching boys, I am hearing about a guy jerking off in front of girls and lying about it, both in the media and in conversations. 

    That is the same tactic politicians use when bad shit comes out about them.  You think Hollywood wouldn't rather the attention be on Louis CK than Weinstein?
    So you want to be the guy who throws logical fallacies in an argument and tell people what to be angry about? If you're literally going to repeat invalid arguments I need you to step out of this thread. You're treading on rule number one here. 
    Logical fallacies? I simply said I don't care about Louis CK and won't be outraged by it, by all means everyone else can as mad as they want.  You compared sexual assaults to children starving in Africa.  Feel free to address my point of why I am supposed to be as equally outraged about what Louis CK did, who ADMITTED he did it thus giving his victims and 10000xs easier path to justice, to a guy who raped multiple women and is still denying it and will no doubt put those victims through horrific court battles.
    You're literally still doing it. Either read up that link and then we can continue the conversation or back off. Last warning. 
    I read it.  I said I would rather put my anger towards the Hollywood dickhead who is denying he raped women as opposed to the Hollywood dickhead who admitted he sexually assaulted/harrassed women.  That is not a logical fallacy.  I am not telling people what to be mad about.  I simply said I don't care about Louis CK because he as admitted it.  If you want to ban me because I personally care more about one sexual assault more than another one, I am ok with that, not preferred, but ok with that.  

    If you want address my point about this whole situation distracting from Weinstein and putting it on Louis CK and others, that would be great.
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    Thomas said:
    MrX said:
    Electric car customers enjoy so many other subsidies, the fact tax grants were used to put in the charging infrastructure, they pay nothing practically for road work, they get to use the HOV lane with solo drivers. Like the 7500 dollar credit needs to go, that truly is welfare for the rich if you look at demographics of who buys these electric cars. If you buy a 60,000 dollar Tesla you have enough money that you don't need a tax grant. 
    Hey now, Jim is on the Tesla 3 wait list, the man has been known to throw some cash around at Chipotle, but he's not that rich. :wink:
    He should get his reservation fee refunded immediately, getting it back after Tesla bankruptcy will be more difficult. And Nissan offers a more practical electric car anyway 
    Hahaha, by producing the world's ugliest electric car?  Tesla will take over the auto industry within a decade, easily.  Unlike the other poor American car companies that keep jacking up prices on mediocre cars, Tesla actually lowers their prices as their costs go down.  GM, BMW, Nissan, their electric cars are crazy ugly, low in performance, and their costs/efficiency isn't nearly as good as the Tesla 3.

    Conservatives love to bag on Musk because he does everything that they try to tell him he can't haha. 
    They're also heavily leveraged, totally dependent on subsidies, have never made a profit and have repeatedly lied to investors. Now a new revelation came out last week they'll need billions more in investment to reach half the production they said last year they already had to capital to do 
    Yet their stock price has doubled in the last 6 months.  You act like subsidies are a bad thing.  Should we abandon agriculture because farmers are heavily subsidized?  People like to talk bad about SpaceX because they're subsidized, but forget that we are paying Russia $18 million per astronaut to be launched into space, and SpaceX is relieving us of that burden.  Subsidies aren't always bad.
  • What is the closest you’ve came to dying?

    My second firefight, about a week into my first deployment, we had just finished a high altitude night climb when some guys flipped open a camouflaged tarp to a cave entrance and opened up with RPKs.  I was so tired from the climb that when the rounds struck all around me I didn't even roll behind cover.  My roommate was in front of me and he got hit by 7 bullets, not one of which actually cut through his body.  They hit his helmet, knocking him unconscious, and the other 6 cut through his clothes/equipment.  He is 5' 7" and I am 6' 5," would have torn me up.  His face was hilarious though when he regained consciousness.
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    No point in arguing with @emnofseattle everyone, he already said he wants people on terrorist watch lists and no-fly lists to be able to buy guns.  That is a sign of an irrational American who would rather do absolutely nothing than at least try to fix the system.

    Also, the open carry argument is a joke.  Open carrying is not only super douchey, but it also makes you an easy target.  If I want to rob someplace, I am going to shoot the open carrier first.  The other issue with open carry, is since people like @emnofseattle don't want people to have to attend mandatory firearm safety/responsibility courses, people who open carry leave themselves more open than concealed carriers to accidental discharges, as well as someone, possibly a kid, grabbing their gun.
  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    It was a military trial, Trump is the Commander in Chief - he should have kept his mouth shut to make sure that the guy got a fair trial.
    He got a fair trial. a "fair trial" does not mean media blackout about your case. Did Barack Obama violate George Zimmerman's rights by saying his son "would look like Trayvon" ? Candidate Trump was unrelated to the case expressing an opinion. 
    What does Obama have to do with Trump running his mouth and disrupting Bergdahl's trial?  Nothing.  Why is it whenever Trump does something stupid, Trump fans all have to instantly cry out "Obama did it too"?  No, Obama made a positive comment about the victim.  He didn't come out and say that Zimmerman should be given life in prison or anything, unlike Trump.  

    Falsely trying to equivocate mistakes by past presidents does make what the current POTUS is doing right.