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  • It: the novel spoilers

    I loved It, but I thought he just rambled at times.  One benefit to the rambling is that it gives you a much deeper sense of the characters and you actually begin to care about them.  
  • The spoiling dead army just posted...

    How far does it spoil? Entire season or just next couple episodes?
    I never read spoilers, but I don't really care about TWD anymore so I checked it out.  It is a major spoiler, but I think one that most people would welcome.
  • War for the Planet of the Apes (Spoilers)

    I would agree the third act was very weak, but the movie overall was still well done.  I actually felt emotional attachment to the characters, unlike other recent films.  

    My understanding was that this was the same Army from the second film, but it had been a long time and they had since started to go rogue with this mystery illness that has been impacting them.  The idea that they would be allowed to murder their own because they were infected doesn't seem too unreasonable.  Basically they convinced everyone that if they didn't kill them, they would turn into mindless beasts (zombies), so I can excuse that.

    I would also push back on Cesar finishing the war.  No, he didn't do a ton of fighting, but he literally is the reason the apes survived as long as they didn't in the second/third act.  He got them fed, he got them water, he motivated them, etc etc.  He also communicated and helped organize the escape.

    The ending battle was cool at first, but I totally agree that it was very lazy and poorly done.  I can excuse the helicopters flying in low to launch rockets (in real life, they can just hover way off in the distance and still hit targets), but the outpost was very small and got hit by a ton of munitions right away.  The invading force then just rolls in gets wiped out by an avalanche?  Too over the top for me.

    I am excited to see where they go from here though.  Wasn't Cornelius the main character of the first couple originals? Will be interesting to see how they develop that character.
  • Fav TV Shows of 2017?

    I can't remember what was 2017 and what was 2016.  I almost said Westworld before realizing that's not 2017.

    Rick and Morty
    Game of Thrones
    The Vietnam War
    Big Brother (does that count?)

  • 801 - Mercy

    Thomas said:
      If they end the all-out war in the first 2-3 episodes and surprise us by moving on to the whispers I will keep watching.  But I am willing to bet this ends up being another drawn out season.

    Last season we got 8 episodes of "geez, Negan sure is an ass", and 8 episodes of Rick gathering the troops, I think there's about zero chance they will plow through this plot line in anything less than a season. I'm sure we'll get some Garbage People type fluf the fatten up the comic story line ( two episode of Negan backstory anyone?) and drag it out. It seems to me they are doing everything they can to drag it out as much as possible to create more ad revenue opportunities.  
    Don't forget that we will need a Tara episode.  Something that nobody asked for and nobody wanted just because the writers are too lazy to actually develop a story.