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  • Military question

    Thanks for all of the replies and information!! I kind of figured it had something to do with college and/or jobs held in civilian life.

    @akritenbrink my son sometimes talks about going into the military and I cringe, but their “benefits” like that are amazing not to mention, in and of itself it’s a great career path! Scary for momma, but a good honorable career :0)
    Most jobs in the military don't involve combat.  A lot are basically 9-5's stateside as well.  Even the combat jobs have a false view of being like Vietnam.  I always tell someone if they are interested in combat, try to go into special operations in the Army.  If they don't want to go into combat, join the Air Force or Navy in in a support role.  Both those branches prepare you for civilian life far better than Army or Marines.
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    Called it, politicians were debating only a few hours after the shooting.  The left wants to take everyone's guns by citing Australia (super flawed argument) and the right wants everyone person in America to have a gun (another flawed argument).  The answer lies in the middle.  It needs to be far tougher to get a fun.  I shouldn't be able to walk into a gun store or auction and walk out same-day with an AR.  However, strict gun laws like California and Illinois are also not the answer.  They simply restrict law abiding citizens.

    We are beyond any point of taking the guns out of the hands of bad people.  You literally can't prevent shootings like this in 2017 America.  They are going to occur.  I think he provided a good example of how easy it is for someone to legally buy a gun and make it illegal.  Converting a semi-auto weapon to full-auto, which is majority of situations makes it LESS dangerous, is no different than someone in California using a 30-round magazine as opposed to the legal 10 or 15.  This addresses problems on the left and right.  Guy showed buying an AR is too easy (probably, depends on his background) and that laws against weapons are pointless.

    But hey, I am sure we will only see people refuse to meet in the middle because reasons.
  • Military question

    Battlefield commissions used to exist too.  Hank's character was part of 2nd Ranger Battalion in the show, which is comprised of more elite personnel, so he could have received a battlefield commission at some point.  You can see Tom Sizemore's character with a bag full of dirt from 4-5 different countries, so you know they've been at war for awhile.

    There were a lot of instances of PFC's and below acting as 1SG's due to injuries, but they weren't paid or officially a 1SG.  Hank's character more than likely just came in as a 2 LT and had been in theater long enough to make CPT.
  • NFL 2017/18 Chat Thread

    @Thomas The actual no shit president is calling for them to be fired
    The same President who brags about never having read a book, sexually assault women, and regularly engages in juvenile arguments with the leader of NK?  Haha, hardly a credible person.  The best response is to ignore him, not acknowledge.  I don't care that people kneel, but the media needs to just ignore him and the kneeling.  
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  • NFL 2017/18 Chat Thread

    Would love to see every single one of my Raiders take the knee on Primetime tonight, they counted 27 Ravens/Jags players at Wembley, who then all stood for God Save The Queen.

    I would rather we not count or give a shit who stands or kneels.  People have the right to do either, yet we want to just blow this up every single game.
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