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  • What is the closest you’ve came to dying?

    My second firefight, about a week into my first deployment, we had just finished a high altitude night climb when some guys flipped open a camouflaged tarp to a cave entrance and opened up with RPKs.  I was so tired from the climb that when the rounds struck all around me I didn't even roll behind cover.  My roommate was in front of me and he got hit by 7 bullets, not one of which actually cut through his body.  They hit his helmet, knocking him unconscious, and the other 6 cut through his clothes/equipment.  He is 5' 7" and I am 6' 5," would have torn me up.  His face was hilarious though when he regained consciousness.
  • Ken Burns, Vietnam War Sunday's PBS

    That's exactly what they want now.  The US won the war without even really trying in the years since, America is amazingly popular now in Vietnam, especially with scary ancient enemy China throwing its weight around.  

    "Americans think that everyone wants democracy, jeans, Fords, and televisions...but they don't.  The best example is when the US created a rice that required far less effort to harvest and would produce multiple yields a year, thus giving them 3-4xs as much rice.  The Vietnamese said no, because they had been growing rice the same way for thousands of years and didn't want to change it."  
    I agree that is what they want now. They see how well South Korea is doing and they know they could have had that.  I think a large number of the rural populous does not want that, but the country itself does.  But can you blame them for wanting the US out in 1950's-70's?  Imagine if China invaded the US and said "you don't want democracy, you want communism."  We would probably fight back too.

  • George Romero, dead at 77

  • Westworld makes watching the Walking Dead a chore

    I imagine the people who prefer to watch TWD over WW are the same who would put all Michael Bay movies in their top 5 of all time.  TWD is entertaining, just no longer creative or engaging.  I will keep watching it, but I prefer shows like WW.