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  • Protests Across the America

    Dee said:
    Bloody hell. Not entirely surprising, but still horrifying. How on earth does a buffoon like that hold such a sway over so many people that they would be willing to act like deranged lunatics and potentially be killed (or kill others) for him? 

    Because its not just Trump.  This is what the GOP has been building toward for decades now, between talk radio and conservative TV, they've actively cultivated a following of people who are looking to be told that they're victims and need to "strike back."  Trump just activated the base that the GOP has been building for years, and even without Trump, the USA is going to be dealing with these people for generations.

    I'm just continually amazed that someone as transparently a buffoon and a con man managed to do it, but not that this has happened.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    When thinking about the second and third order effects of this stupidity in the US, I keep thinking about all the PTSD and burnout we're likely to see in the healthcare workforce.  It's not reasonable to expect the constant stress and burden we're placing on these people.  Not only are they dealing with all of this sickness and suffering at work, the pains of having to be constantly vigilant to not get infected themselves or infect others at work, but then they have to isolate from their own families, cut themselves off from the very source of stress relief and comfort humans need to survive emotionally.

    And its all because people don't want to accept simple things like wearing masks and social distancing.  People don't want to admit that their leaders in this culture war lie to them constantly.

    I've lost so much faith in humanity in this crisis, at least in American citizens.  I've never been a Pollyanna, America has clearly always had its flaws in the way we've treated each other and the world at large, but COVID has made it clearer how far we are from the picture we like to paint of ourselves.  Larger segments of the US population are the arrogant, ignorant, selfish brutish caricatures than I wanted to believe. 

    I'd like to believe we can change minds and educate people, but at least in the middle of all of this, I have no idea how we can reach people who quite literally define "truth" as "that which I already believe" or "that which Trump says right now."  What rational middle ground can you make with that?

    None of that is to diminish the signs of the same COVID stupidity overseas, as Dee has pointed out it exists to some degree everywhere, but it certainly seems to be a far worse problem in the USA than anywhere else.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:

    “Fact is, I’m not an ‘expert.’ I’m not a doctor, epidemiologist, virologist or scientist,” Lamb wrote on a website for a subscribers-only podcast he hosts about the  coronavirus. “I also don’t need to be. Experts don’t have all the  answers, and we’ve learned that the hard way.”

    Honestly, why do we even bother having experts in anything anymore when there are so many bloggers around. 

    I know Dunning-Krueger gets thrown around a lot these days... but wow is it ever relevant to the way people are treating something as serious as a worldwide pandemic!  The lack of self-awareness so many of these people display is mind-boggling.
  • Expanse podcasts

    The first few episodes of season 1 are a lot of table setting for the season and series, and they don't do a lot of hand holding up front but I think the show is worth it.  I hadn't read the books when I first started watching and had trouble engaging the first few episodes, but it definitely built up steam.  Somewhere between the end of season one and 2 I was fully hooked and I've blown through the books and am looking forward to seeing the rest translated to screen.

    After you get through season two, a rewatch of season 1 helps you see how much was necessary even if it didn't make complete sense on first watch.  I try to think of ways they could've done it better, but it's hard considering the depth of the world and story they're translating from book to screen.  The authors definitely had a plan from day one and have done a great job of paying stuff off.  They're closing in on the end of the books too, with no sign of the writers block of someone like Martin so I'm pretty confident we'll see the end of the book series soon.
    Teresa from Concord
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dee said:
    @mharmless What’s gonna happen when all these elected leaders have no one to elect them because all the old people in Florida who would have voted for them have died of Covid... 

    @Dee I honestly can't understand the thinking behind this decision because of reasons like that.  You would think that even the most cynical politician wouldn't try to actively put their core voting base at risk. 

    The most charitable justification I can think of is he, and the politicians like him, just hope that COVID will magically not result in people dying anymore if they just wish hard enough or power through.  That we've somehow crossed some threshold where another spike won't happen despite the complete lack of evidence that the situation has changed and the all too clear evidence that this will only make things worse again. 

    Since I don't like focusing on the negative, I'll avoid the less charitable reasons I think they may be doing something like this right now.