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  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    Doesn't dragonglass / Valyrian steel just work on the white walkers, not the wights?

    ie Jon was able to shatter the WW in the initial small group, but not the wights.

    ..although perhaps they should have shown them adding it to their weapons, in case they had hand to hand combat with any WWs.. or maybe they didn't have time / need a blacksmith for that
  • (SPOILERS!!!!!!) Leaked Episode 706: Death Is the Enemy

    Having just watched a second time, without plot anger in tow, it was so much more amazing to watch that battle scene.. The part where all the background noise disappears and time slows for Jon to contemplate their lost situation (and musing 'why did the double D's put me in this stupid predicament....?'), the haunting musical score, then panning to the overhead shot of Drogon flying over and smoking those ice motherfuckers was goosebump city! :)

    Again, it's such a travesty the rationale for them being there.. It's hard to comprehend how there were not more plausible ideas or concepts to workshop and run with.   As with Arya and Sansa's machinations, we can only hope there's a longer con at play and we'll all look silly in hindsight.  Fingers crossed, but not hopeful.  I'm still feeling a little burnt by Jaime's BS cliffhanger and then the olympic gold medal swim downstream to safety.

    Bring on the finale! :)

    RIP Viserion...

  • (SPOILERS!!!!!!) Leaked Episode 706: Death Is the Enemy

    How epic would that have all been if they were up there for a legitimate reason as opposed to the most STUPIDEST FUCKING IDEA EVER TO  CAPTURE A FUCKING WIGHT TO TAKE BACK TO KINGS LANDING TO CERSEI !!!

    I just couldn't get invested knowing how the plot was shoe horned for convenience.

    Maybe next week we'll see the Knight King on his well trained horse.. or maybe flying Viserion to literally jump an ice shark...
  • American Gods - 101 - The Bone Orchard (No Book Spoilers)

    .I'd love a weekly podcast on this - but only if Jim & A-Ron haven't read the book. The shatontv podcast is good, but 2 of the 3 have read the book and it takes away a bit of the magic