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  • Has Bald move given up on prestige tv?

    I still love the guys but sadly I’ll be cancelling my sub at renewal unfortunately. Am not into any super hero stuff so counts me out for a lot of the pods these days and seeing what the peeps over at The Ringer are covering with their prestige TV is great. Kudos tho to Jim & Aron for watching and reviewing what they are passionate about.

    The whole succession thing was annoying to me as hearing Aron lamenting on a podcast (as season 3 was airing)  that there was nothing really happening at the moment re prestige TV... as one of the best prestige shows on TV was on. To dismiss it without even checking it out (I assume?) is a bit of an indictment IMO. 

    Hoping the new GoT series is good and will be interesting to see the reactions and framing of the series if it isn’t. I watched all of Foundation - and really wanted to like it but thought was average at best and felt (perhaps an unfair take) that J&A were so all in they had to love it.
  • Station Eleven on OTC

    Was super excited to see an OTC for Station Eleven but gee what a let down.

    Perhaps I am biased because I absolutely love the show, the characters and acting, themes, back and forth integrated story arcs and general story telling, non conventional format. 

    The first 5-10 mins of OTC was comparing S11 to The Leftovers. I get people have compared the two but thought this podcast was about S11, not why The Leftovers is so much better. Would have preferred a discussion on this show.

    Loving Amanda Whiting’s Vulture episode recaps and The Watch podcast episode deep dives on the themes and characters as a companion piece (would highly recommend both to those peeps that are into this show) so was hoping for move of the same on OTC rather than dismissing anything about the actual show and nit picking on semantics like background detail on how do people feed themselves and why isn’t there more world building.

    First podcast in 5-6 years I had to turn off half way through. Maybe I’m in too deep on this show / just my opinion. 
  • The Terror (spoilers)

    If a movie or TV show can immerse you within its world and suck you out of your current reality then it get an A+ from me.
  • Counterpart on Starz

    Best episode yet!

    Clare <3 ..hard to have much sympathy for that cheating bastard! >:P