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  • Your Top 5 Wes Anderson Flicks

    I was trying to respond to why I like Darjeeling Limited so much and it got me thinking about how one of the things I enjoy most about Wes Anderson is his use of soundtrack to create scenes. The scores are always great, but I think the more song moments/scenes the more I like the movie.

    Royal Tenenbaums really destroys the competition with "These Days" (introduced me to Nico), "Police & Thieves",  "Me & Julio", "She Smiled Sweetly", "Needle in the Hay", and "Everyone" to name a few. Darjeeling has less "classic" songs overall, but all the Kinks (especially "Strangers") are done so well, and "Play with Fire" is literally fire. Life Aquatic is kind of an asterisk on this cause, while Seu Jorge is phenomenal the Bowie songs play more like score, yet we still get "The Way I Feel Inside" and holy shit "Staralfur."

    The others movies have their moments but this is what cements my top 3. What are your favorite Wes Anderson soundtracks?
  • Your Top 5 Wes Anderson Flicks

    The Royal Tenenbaums
    The Darjeeling Limited w/ Hotel Chevalier prologue - that Peter Sarstedt song is so good + Natalie Portman
    The Life Aquatic
    Bottle Rocket
    Moonrise Kingdom

    Last two are kind of a toss, it's a lower tier after Life Aquatic. Rushmore should probably be in there, it's a better film I guess but Jason Schwartzman kind of annoys me.
  • General Tomfoolery

    asmallcat said:
    Dee said:
    Hatorian said:
    Mayonnaise can also go to hell. It is insane that it is a default condiment on so many sandwiches and burgers in this country. 
    Mayo definitely goes on pretty much any cold cut sandwich. Burgers only if it has bacon. 
    Cold cuts are sliced deli meat, yeah? Like black forest ham or whatever? That’s where you use your mustard! Ham sandwich with Colman’s mustard on fresh bread is the best!
    You can have mayo AND mustard on a sandwich =P 
    My general convention is mustard on the deli meat side, mayo on the veggie side. But clean the mayo knife on the mustard side so you get some co-mingling flavor.

    Depends on the sandwich, obviously.
  • General Tomfoolery

    The mustard hate is honestly pretty wild to me.
  • What music are you streaming?

    Pretty excited to hear Rilo Kiley is re-issuing their first "album". I think I had the Initial Friend EP version that I got off of soulseek back in the day (probably on an old iPod or hard drive somewhere), but I haven't heard most of these songs in a long time. Papillon was always a favorite: