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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Dammit, Sam Neill got me misty-eyed this morning:

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    MichaelG said:
    I suggest drastically limiting the amount and type of information you are consuming. For me, it has helped to restrict my exposure to the written news, especially from national outlets like Nytimes and WaPo. I think they are doing good and valuable work, but I realized it was making me teeter towards panic and anxiety that was not beneficial to me. 

    I’ve been listening to Nytimes The Daily, NPR’s Up First, occasional visit to the NPR news site, an extremely local paper, and maybe watching national/local news summary at night. 
    I need to work on this. It seems that it's all we can talk about, rightly so, but there's only so much information and you just drown in the same macabre cycle. I use a radio alarm clock set to NPR, and without fail, I wake up every day to the latest casualty/infection report. Not a good way to start the day locked in with myself.
  • Westworld -302- The Winter Line (Spoilers)

    fidoz said:
    Was the gun Stubbs shot himself with loaded with roast beef sandwiches? That dude put on some weight.
    More like Tubbs.
  • Westworld -302- The Winter Line (Spoilers)

    This episode was alright. I mostly liked the simulation stuff, but barring the Warworld plot, a lot of the action was really bad. I don't get Stubbs' Batman routine working on like 6 dudes with P90s or how they were able to get out of the facility. The drone escape was pretty cool, but why is a maintenance drone built to run and tank bullets?

    I think I just really wanted to pick up where we left off the last episode and move on. I realized while watching the last episode we were basically building to a scene from the trailer with Dolores connecting with Caleb, and it was the same with this one with Maeve meeting Serac. Fine to set the table I guess but I just liked the way they got there better in episode one and now we're a quarter through the season.
  • Jesse is human/robot hybrid

    tpelzy said:
    So Caleb's "therapy" make no sense. How would that help a grieving person? If this was an episode of black mirror then getting a phone call from your dead loved one would be some kind of psychological torture.
    I mean this basically is a plot from Black Mirror. I hope he doesn't re-grow Francis in a tub and fuck him, but the concept itself isn't that far removed from reality where people listen to old voicemails from the dead and talk to gravesites.

    I can't see him being a robot though. It's one thing in Westworld where they're a commodity, but why would anyone hire a presumably expensive, fleshy, therapy-needing robot to run cable up buildings, when there are more mechanical versions to do the work.