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    Is anyone else concerned that we are going to get Lindeloff'd at the end of the show? I'm still pissed about Lost. I admit I'm absolutely enthralled with the Leftovers but I can't help but prepare myself for the ending letting me down. 

    "It's not about the story, it's about the people" = I have no plan.
    Good morning Jal2071,
    No. I am not concerned. In fact, I am certain of it, and I think that is a good thing. 
    I think this problem is about expectations. With Lost, the audience was always expecting an answer (or 451 answers for 451 different mysteries {How/Why was Walt 'Special'?}) Lindleof didn't message his intent well, and it's arguable that he deliberately went they other way and misled/stringed-along the audience. I think that is the lesson he learned before undertaking the Leftovers. 
    Lindelof and Perrotta have said from day one that we will never have an answer for the departure mystery. I am confident that extends to all of the current mysteries as well. For all of the ambiguity of mystery they built into the Season 2 finale, they still focused the story on the un-departed people, the left overs; their feelings about it, and how they cope with being left behind by the Departure and by each other. 

    All of the post Departure mysteries are manufactured in the minds of the characters and the world they live in. The production team has masterfully threaded the line between some sort of higher connected purpose/plan and dumb-luck/coincidence. 
    The Departure remaining unexplained for the characters is the stage setting for a world that explores 'what does it take for each person to start believing in some crazy shit.' In that way, this reminds me of Breaking Bad. There, each of us is challenged to decide when it is we will get off the Walter White train. How bad does Heisenberg have to get, before you stop routing for him?With The Leftovers, the question is 'how much unbelievable coincidence of specularly unlikely things do you have to see before you start to believe there is something larger happening to shape events?'  With that question and your stated concern, may I take it you are in the @Jim camp and believe there is some sort of connectedness? If so, I can understand a strong desire to get an unambiguous answer; in fact, it might be necessary to enjoy the story. If you are still agnostic, or in the camp with @A_Ron_Hubbard, you might have a different perspective, and different expectations. 

    The Season 2 theme song prominently features an admonishment to 'let the mystery be.' While some take that to mean the mystery of the great Departure, I take that to mean the mystery of what the hell is going on with our current cast of characters. If your expectation is that Lindelof/Perrotta will provide a direct unambiguous answer to the current mysteries, then I am not sure we are watching the same show. It is telling that each of the previous season finales were also produced effectively as series finales, as the renewal green lights for both came after the finales aired. Each ended spectacularly well without providing any answers to big, worldly questions. 

    My expectation is that, in the final analysis, this season will end with some very interesting characters doing some very interesting things in some very interesting ways. It is arguable that I am simply setting for myself low expectations, but I would posit that I have incredibly high expectations for this show's ending. Not in answers to mysteries, but in world class performances, on a phenomenal production, delivering a satisfying emotionally cathartic ending. 
    I do expect the show to end with the mystery of the departure intact and all us still riding that magical line of ambiguity between connectedness and coincidence. That, in my opinion, is a very good thing.

    Michael Nawrocki
  • 303 - Crazy Whitefella Thinking

    Your own personal Jesus.
    The magnificent unsinkable legend, Richard Cheese.

  • Just started drinking scotch

    I failed at scotch. I tried to but I always had to bury it in club soda and ice. I feel so bad about it. I did like Glenfiddich a lot.

    You would need to try something very smooth, like one of the new fangled single malts that get finished in a rum or sherry cask; the older the smoother (generally.) Glen Rothes is relatively smooth. The 18 year old Glenmorangie is pretty smooth, but pricey. Find a local place with a shop keep who knows what she is talking about.  Stay away from anything anybody describes as 'peaty', i.e. moss, and not smooth. 
    Of course, it is not for some people. My wife tells me it all smells like turpentine....

    Michael Nawrocki
  • The Handmaids Tale

    If Jim and A.Ron decide to check it out, I think it has a REALLY good chance of making the Baldies Drama Top 10 for 2017.   

    Without Ordering:
    Better Call Saul
    The Expanse
    Handmaid's Tale (based on only 3 eps)

    Any others? 
    This year might be much more competitive than last year. 
  • 302 - Don't Be Ridiculous

    A Nora-centric episode with another great scene of her and Erika -- what more could I ask for? It was beautifully shot, too. The closeups of her in the hotel room with the abstracted, colorful city lights had a Wong Kar-wai feel to them, which is entirely appropriate as his themes are often about heartbreak, yearning, and regret. I ugly cried during the scene with Tom and Nora because orphan/adoption stories break me. When he said that he didn't leave Lily for Nora, he left her for Kevin -- it said so much about how much Tom thinks of Kevin, but it broke me because it implied to Nora that she is not meant to have children.
    @All the Chickens  I took the trampoline party to an example of Erika's coping mechanism. It made Nora feel elated in the moment, but the feeling was fleeting, and her situation is different anyway because she has no one to bury. Perhaps Erika gave her a Wu-Tang CD to acquaint her with the namesake of her tattoo, because Nora was playing it when Tom pulled her over.
    This episode's writing credits read "Tha Lonely Donkey Kong & Specialist Contagious," which I assume are Damon & Perotta's Wu-Tang names. Mine is Shaolin Huntress. What's yours?
    Ticallion Warlord
    Thank you for that. I will use it wisely.