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  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Being in Texas right now. This state has tested my limits many many times and this is definitely one of them. As much as I wanna say “fuck this place, I’m out of here” I have always operated under the notion that if I leave, it’s just going to be one less person that can vote and/or fight against the idiots that tend to run this state. Am I fighting an uphill battle by doing so? Probably, but I know that I believe there are enough good people in this state to keep the good going and to reverse whatever backwards fuckery goes on from time to time. I have too many people that I love here and I’m not going to give up on their well being. Be it the women in my life, my gay family members, the family who are dealing with immigration issues. I’m here for them and I’ll use whatever powers that I have as a Texan to support them.
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  • MLB 2021

    Chinaski said:
    @Noel - everytime i watch the A's in Arlington i get so distracted on people watching the folks behind home plate (looks like a restaurant) just having a great time and not paying attention to the game :D
    VERY distracting. I’m not even that mad at the stadium, my friends who have gone to the game said it’s a good time despite the bullshit. I just can’t justify spending that much time/money to go out there. Arlington is 30 min from me w/o traffic. Plus it’s west so the sun is right in your face the entire drive. Horrible drivers in Arlington too, don’t get me started on DFW traffic and drivers.  :D
  • What music are you streaming?

    Freddy said:
    Taking it back to high school this morning. @cdrive @Noel Know about this one.

    Hell yeah, ‘02 my sophomore year at Turner. Go Lions!
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Chinaski said:
    Mark Jackson and SVG are like real life janky versions of Statler and Waldorf.
    I hate national broadcasts. The biggest moments in the team’s season are left to people who are in no way related to the city they’re in. The only exception is Breen, but c’mon the Knicks aren’t going deep into the playoffs. It’s not how the industry works, I get it. But man, imagine the local Suns commentators tonight!