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  • A Very Giamatti Christmas 2018

    Hi Guys, first thank you so much for all your hard work throughout the year and how you constantly challenge yourselves to improve the Bald Move experience each year. Now for the dreaded with that said. With that said, I just got done watching all of One Man Manger, which I know took so much time and effort to produce. Aside from the “Double Rails” moment (which I loved) I was not much a fan of the experiment overall. I feel terrible giving this feedback but you guys often say you want honest input from club members so there it is. I have posted this elsewhere on the board but I have much more enjoyed the format you guys have done in years past, watching movies, chatting, and drinking some quality booze together. It has never stopped being entertaining. Again I am sorry, but I wanted to provide feedback, not sure if I am alone here or not. Thank you again and I am excited about Bald Move 2019 !!! Happy new year !
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Discussion

    I walked out of the theatre genuinely asking myself if this was the best Spider-man movie I had ever seen, which I realized spoke volumes about its originality, heart, and subject matter. 
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse Discussion

    Completely agree. Went into this one with no expectations and walked away questioning if this is the best Spider-man movie I’ve ever seen. Great tone and pacing and some real heart. Very surprised and impressed by this one. 
  • Star Wars - General Discussion (Spoilers all)

    JaimieT said:
    @Nickplay - You didn't do anything wrong, thanks for commenting. Although I'm guessing since your profile pic is Rear Window this isn't your first day on the internet. 
    Ty Jaimie, it’s my 2nd day on the internet so I’m not totally wet behind the ears ! :-p ty for the reassurance ! I’m enjoying the diversity of thought on the forums !
  • Star Wars - General Discussion (Spoilers all)

    @Nickplay When I made it clear that I was done arguing about whether The Last Jedi was good or not, that is not a signal to quote one of my (two-month old!) posts with yet another "actually The Last Jedi was bad" take. I don't have the energy to talk about Star Wars on here any more, so please leave me out of it.
    Apologies SomeBiscuit, I’m trying to be more active on the forums and saw this thread move to the top and it’s someting I’m passionate and haven’t commented on before on the BM forums. I meant no offense and was only seeking banter. 
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