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  • NBA 2021 Thread

    Steals, like blocks, are a terrible example of good defense. For every successful steal (or block) there are many failed attempts that take you off your man, and out of position. Not that there's great defense these days.

    -if anything, nowadays a steal when you're man-ing up a defender that's trying to drive, or shake to launch a 3 is pretty good D. i watched a lot of GSW games that year, and when he led the league in steals, they weren't all sloppy passes by the opposition.

    'Yeah they had 71 wins with a stacked team in a soft, watered down league. It's even worse now than when Nash won back to back MVPs. The voting is as political as anything, so not impressive to me'

    -they had 73 wins, and it wasn't really THAT stacked. if they were, the big 3 were homegrown (Steph, Dray and Klay.) "Strengths and Numbers". as far as the voting goes, yeah it's always been political. which makes the only unanimous  voting even more impressive imo.

    "Yes he's got records for 3's made and attempted (unless Harden beat his attempts record), but 3 point shooting is up about 11 000% since the shot was introduced 50 years ago. That's not an exaggeration"

    -the 3-point shot was introduced when i was born, 1979 (42 years ago). and it took years for players to develop it, and change a whole game like Steph has. pretty sure everyone and the kids nowadays are launching 3's is cause of Curry, and wanting to be like him (big shout out Trae Young). hence, revolutionizing the game.

    "He's much better at making them than most, and has better range. But hitting threes doesn't make a great all around player."

    -maybe not an all around player, but a 3 is better than 2 when most players are missing them, and not being close to 50% like Curry. back to his D, not like he launches, misses and sits back all mopey (ahem LBJ). he gets back on D and can be a pest.

    "I'd take him over just about any PG today of course (way, way, way before Westbrook), but he's not an all time great to me. He's perfect for today's league though, stretches the floor better than anyone."

    -that's fair, but 'today's league' is 'today's league' cause of Steph Curry. if you can't see that then i have no business in this discussion. say what you want, but at 33 years old and with several years left in this league he's already the greatest shooter off all time bar none.
  • NBA 2021 Thread

    and go away Drama King. LAL run is a joke.. first year no playoffs, second year won the mickey mouse tournament, and third year eliminated in the first round. kick rocks, like you left early game 5 to get 'treatment'. GOAT my ass.
  • Trailers and Upcoming Movies Thread

    this seems interesting. a 3 film trilogy that's released over 3 weeks.

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    asmallcat said:
    Well I don't even know who that is, so I guess I'm doing my part lol. 
    sadly i do, and was jealous of his TV show home and step mom. yeah, i said step mom  <3

    edit: in hindsight.. that sounded kinda weird without context. Silver Spoons, Erin Gray and little Chinaski may have had a crush. :#
  • MLB 2021

    like @bizmarkiefader mentioned, this has been a thing forever. at least the rumored moves were local (San Jose & Fremont). when rumors came up that they would leave the bay I never took them too serious. but for some reason this time feels a little more real that they could bolt to Vegas or Portland. i wish the stupid Raiders never came back in the 90's. they ruined the Coliseum with Mt Davis. it was such a nice baseball stadium before that. regardless, i still love going to Coliseum. i like to think of it as the dive bar of MLB (and i was never opposed to a cool dive bar).

    as far as the Warriors going to SF, yeah not as major cause it's just across the bay (while i do have some friends from Oakland that were super bummed). i think the biggest bummer was that they left such a loud electric arena. time will tell with Chase Center and if it can capture the same environment. it was hard to tell last year cause they stunk and covid. then this year they just started allowing certain amount of fans a few weeks ago. i will say this, the last 2 games when they've beat the top 2 teams in the West on back to back nights showed flashes of some Oracle electricity, even with limited fans.